The Nine Worst South Florida Social Media Catastrophes

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Social media can be a fun and enriching way to build your personal brand, keep in touch with friends, and share enlightening and helpful information.

It can also be a wretched hellhole of pure stupidity, endless misery, and unimaginable human horrors. Of course, South Florida have given us myriad examples of that.

So here now: the nine levels of South Florida social media hell.

Level 1: The Humble Brag That Bites You in the Ass

via Snay's Facebook
Ex-Gulliver Prep Headmaster Loses $80K Settlement Because Teen Daughter Bragged About It on Facebook
Dana Snay, the daughter of the former headmaster of exclusive Miami private school Gulliver Prep, took to Facebook to brag that her father had successfully settled a lawsuit against the school: "Mama and Papa Snay won the case against Gulliver. Gulliver is now officially paying for my vacation to Europe this summer. SUCK IT." Unfortunately, that settlement came with an order that the elder Snay could not talk about the settlement, and a court ultimately ruled that Gulliver would not have to pay the $80,000 because of the disclosure.

Level 2: The Heated Political Statement

Joaquin Serrapio, Miami Man Who Threatened to Kill Obama, Loves Ron Paul, Racism, and Journey Covers
Joaquin Serrapio, AKA Jay Valor, a lead singer in a local cover band, was apparently upset when Barack Obama paid a visit to the University of Miami campus in 2012. So he did the sensible thing and threatened -- via Facebook, Twitter, and text messages -- to kill the president. The Secret Service, of course, came down on his ass. He ended up having to pen an apology letter, but avoided jail because the Secret Service found no guns in his home.

Level 3: Posting About Drug Dealing and Creep Shots

Thumbnail image for fiu_frat_7.jpg
FIU's Pi Kappa Alpha Frat Suspended Over Facebook Posts About Drug Dealing, Hazing, and Creep Shots
The brothers of FIU's Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity decided to expedite the drug trade by openly posting on Facebook information about selling various substances to one another. They also discussed hazing and posted nude photos of female students. The frat ended up getting suspended, but no charges were leveled against individual members.

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Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

All I see is 3 crimes that might have gone undiscovered let alone unsolved, including child porn, being brought to light due to social media.

Kyle Haines
Kyle Haines

Its kind of hard to argue against this :/

pod_nt topcommenter

Social media is a catastrophe.

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