The 50 Most Followed Miami Twitter Feeds

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Photo via Rosaura Ochoa's Flickr | CC2.0
When we decided to tally up the most popular Twitter users in Miami, we weren't sure what we were going to get. Real fame or local fame doesn't necessarily equate to Twitter fame. After all, Dan Marino barely made the list at 50, and LeBron James came in second.

To compile this list, we used data of users with common terms in their location field to denote they're from the Miami area, and supplemented that info with superfamous Miami icons who didn't bother to fill out their location. So this list isn't perfect (and we're open to adding anyone we somehow missed), but it's a pretty interesting snapshot of whose social media game is on point in the 305.

50. Dan Marino | @DanMarino
Miami Dolphins Legend
Followers: 138k

49. Gunplay | @GUNPLAYMMG
Followers: 142k

48. Drew Rosenhaus | @RosenhausSports
Sports Agent
Followers: 168k

47. Gabriel Coronel | @gabrielcoronel
Telenovela Actor
Followers: 169k

46. Kimberly Dos Ramos | @Kimmy2Ramos
Latin American Kids' Television Witch
Followers: 197k

45. Norris Cole | @PG30_MIA
Basketball Player, Miami Heat
Followers: 197k

44. Pamela Silva Conde @PAMELASILVA
Univision Anchor
Followers: 203k

43. Udonis Haslem | @ThisIsUD
Basketball Player, Miami Heat
Followers: 229k

42. Shaila Dúrcal | @ShailaDurcal
Spanish Singer-Songwriter
Followers: 251k

41. Matt Drudge | @Drudge
Conservative News Aggregator
Followers: 263k

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Nick Moss
Nick Moss

They look legit, but did they go through a fake-follower check?

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