Dwyane Wade Stopped Resting So He Could Destroy the Bobcats in Game One

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Sunday's postseason opener answered one of the few questions some had about this Miami Heat team. Yes, Dwyane Wade is OK. And yes, he was taking names of everyone slandering him as he rested this season. Wade shot 10-16 for 23 points in 34 minutes, helping the Heat turn a tight first half into a comfortable 99-88 win.

After playing only 53 games this season, including just six in the past month, there was a bit of a question about how fast LeBron and Wade would hit their familiar playoff speed.

The answer: about two quarters.

LeBron scored 27 of his own, and the duo seemed to put it all together after a Bobcats second-half run had turned a seven-point halftime lead into a early third-quarter deficit.

Even though Dwyane Wade shot a career-high 54 percent from the field this season, many continue to attempt to prematurely retire him just because he doesn't go full throttle all season long anymore.

The maintenance program seems to be right on schedule, with Wade saying he feels the best he has all year and looking good heading into what he calls "the real season." It looks like if anyone is going to challenge Miami's throne, they'll have to deal with a healthy Dwyane Wade.

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Ernie Torres
Ernie Torres

We all have our good days & our bad days. Yes my man D Wade may be older but I still trust him to get the job done. Wade County all day!!! #TeamWade

Kyle Awon
Kyle Awon

dumb headline also its the bobcats

Bruce Bradshaw
Bruce Bradshaw

I agree with the first comment; his game was better on offense, his defense was lack luster. he did make anyone better on his team. by feeding his big.

Cary Gonzalez
Cary Gonzalez

And yet if he has a not-so-great-game next time you'll tear him a new one......

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