Almost One Million Floridians Enrolled in Obamacare

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Last year, about one in five Floridians were uninsured. This year, quite a few more have health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act. The Department of Health and Human Services announced today that 983,775 Floridians signed up for Obamacare plans. That's the second-highest number of any state, behind only California.

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Meanwhile, California had set up its own health-care marketplace. Floridians had to rely on the initially glitchy website because Rick Scott and the state government declined to set up their own exchange.

"More than 983,775 Floridians signed up through the marketplace, demonstrating brisk demand for quality, affordable coverage," said Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of health and human services.

More than half of those Florida enrollments came in March, just before the sign-up deadline. That surge was in part thanks to health-care activists reaching out to the uninsured in the final month.

Thirty-one percent of Floridians to sign up were under the age of 35, which Seblius touted as a sign that younger, healthier enrollees have take advantage of the act.

Nearly 91 percent of Floridians who signed up also received some sort of assistance to pay for their plans through aid such as tax credits.

"I am excited to learn that Florida leads the nation in Marketplace health-care enrollment figures among those in the federal exchange," Democratic Congressman Joe Garica said in a statement. "With nearly one million Floridians now enrolled in Florida, it shows how many people, who otherwise wouldn't have been able to obtain affordable health care, are able to get the care they need and deserve. Similarly, with more than 200,000 new Medicaid/CHIP enrollees, its critical our Florida legislature and Governor understand the significance of expanding Medicaid in our state."

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Is it worth even participating in a forum where people don't even know what an "ideology" is? I think not.

Danny Arango
Danny Arango

Provoking message of the 1st meme. And I mean that with the utmost sarcasm

Danny Arango
Danny Arango

I anticipated frivolously trolling from the anti-Obama camp. I would label them "conservatives" but their position is more about being against something because their blinding ideological bias then to be able to objectively critique this legislation or any else for that matter. I particularly appreciate the well tempered and thought prob

Leslie Gallegos
Leslie Gallegos

PUKE! Why would you engage in propaganda! I'm going to unlike your stupid page if you keep this crap up.

Christine King
Christine King

Yes! Great policy, less expensive than my previous one lower doc visits deductibles and out of pocket max.

Alba Reguero
Alba Reguero

Seriously New Times stop with the crappy political propaganda you're making me want to unfollow :(

Stefanie Mariee Meow
Stefanie Mariee Meow

do you think I want this when I dont even like him or voted for him? GTFO bro

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter


! million Floridian signed up under the threat of force from the government while my premiums and millions of others, went up!

Affordable care act?  HAH!   You mooching Liberals will believe anything that the Dear Leader tells you.


But explain this to me. If it so bad why did almost 1,000,000 people sign up for it? I doubt they were afraid of the $95.00 penalty. You are saying all of these people were duped? Florida did everything they could possibly do to make it difficult for people to sign up. I understand that you are personally furious about what you call "liberal moochers". Just understand this - not everyone shares your values. You can rant and you can rage, but the majority of this Country voted for President Obama in 2012. Governor Romney made it clear that he was the candidate for those who wanted the law overturned. As much as you hate it, and hate the President, and hate liberals, when you collect your Social Security and Medicare remember it was those darn liberals who put that into place; and even though it is called an entitlement, the people have paid for it. Obamacare, which originated from the republican think tank the Heritage Foundation, is law. I doubt that any person who ever becomes elected as POTUS will ever win again. Eight million signed up on the exchanges. Amazing that the second largest enrollment from a state was from Florida; who had a governor who did absolutely everything he could to see it fail, refused to have a state exchange, and dismantled the Florida insurance commission in order to ensure that the rates would be higher then they needed to be. Scott stacked everything he could to make Obamacare fail in Florida. At the end of the day all he did was show what a failure he is for the betterment of Floridians. His days as Governor of Florida are numbered.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

@cece1955 Another thing.  I find it humorous that the Left is all proud of the numbers of those who signed up.

IT WAS MANDATORY.  To not do so was to expose your self to physical violence and even death from a government lackey.

Enjoy your day.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

@cece1955 First off lets get the whole hypocrisy argument out of the way.

I have worked long and hard to insure that I will not be leech on society when I reach and age in which I am no longer productive.  I hold no silly illusions that Social Security will even be available let alone of any significant value at that time.

   Of course a Blue state like Florida full of retirees will have a large amount of signers.  Demographics dictated that it would be so and only a ignorant, partisan, political hack would have been surprised.

   The Fact is Obamacare is costing me money and time even though I will never use it.  Our taxes have gone up and our services are being cut.  Doctors are leading in droves and those that are staying are raising prices.  

    Now my premiums are reflecting the fact that I have to cover those with preexisting conditions, pregnancies and other Gynecological problems(WTF? I am a male) and slackers kids up to the age of 26.

    So let us review.  My taxes have gone up.  My premiums have gone up. Less services will be available.

    One more thing.  Just because the majority of people voted for Obama does not mean that Obamacare is right or just.  Many unjust people and laws had the backing of the majority.  I can list a multitude but you will just ignore them and complain about something else like the way all liberals argue. 



You are simple with your knowledge of Social Security.

Your opinion does not make it so. It is only a simple opinion.

Well aren't you proud of yourself for having had insurance before President Obama came to office. Many did and do. You must think you are some kind of special.....not. Just simple.

Do NOT think you have a right to tell another person what they can say or think. You don't, it is just that simple.

Republican, democrat, independent, simple, nobody cares.

Salon? No. Simple

It is simple, you are simple.

Definition of SIMPLE


a : a person of humble birth : commoner

b (1) : a rude or credulous person : ignoramus (2) : a mentally retarded person


a : a medicinal plant

b : a vegetable drug having only one ingredient


: one component of a complex; specifically : an unanalyzable constituent

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

@cece1955 Sweety,  

I will keep it short and simple so you can understand.

Anyone on Government assistance is a leech.

What you paid into Social Security is a TAX it is not some kind of retirement account.  There is no expectation of money being there when you retire like there is in a pension fund.

And gynecological problems my wife might have had would have been paid for by her insurance which was higher than mine.  And don't you dare come back with some Feminist drivel.  Women have more healthcare related issues on average and so should pay more for insurance.

     All other tests we may or might have are either covered by my policy(Which I have had since before your Dear leader took office) or i pay out of pocket.

    I don't want to be forced to pay for yours or anyone else.

The Bible is a book of myths to control the masses.  You may as well tell me your politics is based on what ghosts tell ya.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights says nothing about being forced to pay for your health insurance.  

   I am more than welcome to show me where it does though.

I do not care for the Norquist pledge as it only calls for no raise in Taxes when I demand a cut of at least 35% to start reaching to 60% in 5 years then converting to a 10% flat tax on the first $120K and the abolition of all other federal taxes.

I wouldn't want to raise taxes to save your Grandmother either.  I'll take care of mine.  And  a true capitalist would take care of theirs and not demand that others do it.

Funny how you mention the Koch brothers. That explains a lot.  You see only those who would mindlessly prattle off liberal talking points would use their name when the majority of individual and corporate top political contributors are Liberals. 

But you wouldn't know that from that Salon.Com newsletter.

B.T.W. I am not a Republican


You quite frankly are what we use to refer to as a nut case. To address your last comment first. The penalty of $95 a year is not what caused people to sign up and spend more. Simple math that I think even you may be able to comprehend.

Now to address your first response. You know what happens when you make assumptions do you not? You make an ass of yourself. How dare you assume that everyone who has signed up for Obamacare is a leech? Really? Speaking for many of us who support Obamacare, which was not a takeover of the insurance industry as you obviously drank the kook aid to believe, was reform to the healthcare industry. Many people are under the assumption that the only people who signed up on an exchange were people who needed government assistance. Not the case. There were many people such as myself who chose to sign up on the exchange because we wanted to show support for it. As far as prices going up. In My area a had plenty of plans to choose from. Prior to Obamacare my insurance premiums were $1300 a month for a lousy plan. We had a $5000 deductible before the insurance would pay anything. Once the deductible was met it paid 70% of what was considered customary, and we had an HMO which meant that we had to stay within a small network of doctors, hospitals and labs. Last year, after adding everything up we paid $26,000. Nobody paid one red cent for us. So you see what happens when you make assumptions. This year we will, worse case scenario, pay $23,000. That number is based on everything from last year being equal. In our situation we chose one of the most comprehensive plans, and a plan that would allow us to go anywhere in the Country if we chose to. We could have chosen a plan for 75% less, and since you are so knowledgeable, you would know that there is a maximum out-of-pocket that is the same for everyone regardless of which plan they choose or a maximum percentage of their MAGI; whichever is less.

With regard to Social Security being there for you when you reach a certain age. I cannot understand why you seem to be so okay with it not being there. I paid for Social Security. It was mandatory, and everyone who has paid into it should be enraged with the prospect of it not being there. Perhaps you should do some research and find out why the funds are so low, and who is responsible. They money was "borrowed" (my term is "stolen") by the republicans who decided to finance expenditures and lower taxes for corporations from it because it was a cash cow. Now with regard to Florida being a "blue state". Sorry, it was shown beyond a shadow of a doubt what a "red state" it was by Ms. Harris. Remember her? Additionally, Jeb totally screwed up plenty in Florida followed by Mr. Christ and now the infamous Medicare Stealing Governor Scott. Don't see one democrat within that bunch. Of course Charlie now calls himself a democrat, but that would be for another discussion, which I would be happy to discuss with you, but let's stay on topic shall we?

You poor thing you. Now you have to pay more due to people with preexisting conditions, pregnancies, and other gynecological problems. Hmmmmm..... Do not know if you ever had children. If you did I would assume insurance covered some gynecological issues or pregnancy? Good for you that you and yours have not had many health issues. I am going to let you in on a little secret, are you ready? Nobody, not even you, has a contract with G-D. You do not have a crystal ball that says you and or yours will never become sick. For your sake I hope you do not, however, those higher premiums with less services that you mentioned? Wrong again! I almost feel sorry.....I said Almost - for you. Annual physicals are paid in full without any deductible (before Obamacare that was not the case) - did you know that? Colonoscopies, somehow I bet you never had one, are the best prevention against getting colon cancer (it is really a miserable way to die) are totally paid for with your health insurance (was not so before Obamacare). Mammograms are also paid for. Now I know that you don't care too much about those "female things", but surprise surprise, men get breast cancer too. Being a female, I am not too thrilled with those pumps that some men "need", but darn it, it is covered under healthcare; and you know those prostate exams and PSA tests? Doesn't do anything for any female that I know, but darn if it is not in healthcare plans.

Now about retirees. Last time I heard they were no less a citizen then you, and you know those roads you travel on and those schools you may have sent your children to or you may have attended, and that sewerage system(maybe you still have septic, whatever) those people, those retirees paid taxes for you to have those things. Oh, and the police station and fire department you may have nearby? How do you think they got there? Those retirees you have so little respect for paid taxes for them to be there plus plus plus.

Next to the last paragraph, I will tell you this. You are the worse kind of American. Go back and READ the Constitution AND the Bill of Rights. Read it for yourself, if your intellect would allow you to comprehend it. Don't go to one of your blogs or talk shows that will tell you what to think or believe. Somehow, I just do not think you have the capacity, desire, or intellect to do that. Gee, might you be like one of those slackers you referred to? Your initial response to me was to say I was of the left; you know, a liberal. You say that like that is a bad thing, like I am (shiver shiver) a socialist. I will let you in on a little secret. I am a capitalist. I worked hard in life and did by most standards rather well. Nobody other then my parents, ever saw that I had food to eat, a roof over my head or care when I needed it. The same was done for our grown children before they became adults. I also was raised with religion, meaning I read the Bible and I practice what it preaches; and no, don't start quoting selected versus for me. Bottom line, I was (yep you got me, I am a true blue gal now) a republican for many years, although I never ever voted strictly party; because I am an American first; but ideologically I was, and am still fiscally conservative. I stopped being a republican when I first learned that every single republican who serves in government (that is a large number of people) have signed a pledge called the Norquist pledge. You probably know him, in fact maybe you are related. (He worked in the Regan administration with David Stockwell) his pledge states that under no circumstance are taxes to be raised. I saw him answer the question when asked of him "if his grandmother was drowning and the only way to save her was to raise a tax" what would he do; his response was "nice knowing you grandma". He runs a group you may subscribe to, Americans for prosperity. He is tight with the Karl Rove, Koch Brothers group. You might want to search the Internet to see a video of him bragging about being responsible for Bush one not being re-elected because he broke "the pledge" and raised taxes. Sorry for the digression, I just feel compelled to help those who only know how to look at things from the "me me me" venue, and everyone else, even when the everyone else is a majority, is wrong.

BTW, your believing that you and yours are right and people, even when they are the majority, who have voted differently from you are "wrong", and you would "list them" but me and my kind would not listen or be persuaded I have a suggestion. Say that to out loud to yourself and look in the mirror as you say it. Then read the definition of a narcissist out loud while you look at yourself. Case closed.

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