Amazon Sales Tax Goes Into Effect Today, Here's What That Means For Floridians

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If you're an Amazon junkie living in Florida, your addiction just got pricier.

Today Amazon began charging Sunshine State residents sales tax for the first time since the internet retail giant initially took over the series of tubes.

In other words, the price of that 55-gallon drum of sex lube you've been coveting just jumped by $86.

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For the past decade, Floridians didn't have to pay the state's six percent sales tax on items purchased off of Amazon. That was because Florida law stated that if a company doesn't have a physical store in the state, it doesn't have to charge sales tax for online purchases.

Now, however, Amazon has announced plans to build a shipping center in Ruskin, Florida, near Tampa. That means you'll get your 55 gallons of lube faster, but it'll be a bit pricier.

The new tax is expected to generate $80-90 million per year for the state. The Ruskin shipping center will create jobs, of course. Meanwhile, many local store owners believe the tax levels the playing field, making their businesses instantly more competitive.

Here are a few totally random examples of how the new tax might affect your home-purchasing habits.



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Deana Gutierrez
Deana Gutierrez

It actually started a few days ago bc I ordered something 2-3 days ago and there was already tax.

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