Chris Christie Is Stumping for Rick Scott in Florida Today

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If you're a scandal-plagued Republican governor, who better to campaign with you than another scandal-plagued Republican governor? Yes, New Jersey's Chris Christie is in Florida this afternoon to help raise funds and campaign for good ol' Rick Scott.

Christie, who despite that bridge scandal is still a possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate, is also the head of the Republican Governor's Association. In that role he was supposed to crisscross Florida last month with Scott, but had to cancel due to inclement weather.

Scott and Christie hit up two fundraisers in the Lakeland area earlier today. One for the RGA and another for Scott's campaign and the Republican Party of Florida. This afternoon they're in Tampa Bay at the port to highlight Scott's spending on port projects throughout the state.

The Democratic National Committee has of course jumped on the opportunity to attack in a nice twofer opportunity.

"Don't expect Chris Christie and Rick Scott to live up to their tired rhetoric that Republican governors know how to get the job done," the state party said in a release. "Instead, we're likely to hear more meaningless platitudes about Republican 'leadership' and deflection on their own disastrous economic records."

Democrats also mentioned how New Jersey's credit rating has been downgraded six times during Christie's governorship.

Christie stated recently that he will not step down as head of the RGA despite his state's problems. The group has raised more that $33 million for Republican gubernatorial candidates since Christie took over in November.

Christie's national popularity has taken quite a hit since a New Jersey scandal broke alleging Christie had lanes of a bridge shut down as political payback. A poll in March found that just 17 percent of American view him positively.

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Andres Arias
Andres Arias

Maybe they'll take a plane trip together ie Big Boper and Buddy Holly

Theo Frank
Theo Frank

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pod_nt topcommenter

An anti-2A person like Christie has no business being in Florida. 

Rick Amador
Rick Amador

First...all they do is raise money for themselves and Gop alliance of George Bush and Cheney train party. Second...someone should photoshop a giant hamburger between his hands in this picture.

Dave Basora
Dave Basora

Orlando, actually it was some of his own staff and his own mouth that got him in trouble. Danny, who was acquitted? Not Christie. That investigation is still ongoing

Danny Onate
Danny Onate

"Scandal plagued republican governor"? lol He was acquitted of the fake allegation... btw, both parties suck. when everyone stops blaming either sides, then we will finally get something done. Who cares who he supports... all I care about is that he's doing a good job at the moment.

Dave Basora
Dave Basora

The "Dumbass and Jackass" tour coming to a town square near you!

Orlando Martinez Jr.
Orlando Martinez Jr.

Christie was doing so good before he let the GOP n Tea party mess him up.. Now with rick Scott... Loser.. Now double loser..

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