Low-THC Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Senate, Headed to Gov. Rick Scott

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Floridians will vote on a more widespread medical marijuana policy in November, but the Florida legislature has taken the first step. The state Senate passed a bill that would allow some patients to use a low THC and highly regulated strain of marijuana. The bill had already passed in the House and is now headed to Governor Rick Scott. Scott has signaled that he will indeed sign the bill.

Once passed, doctors could prescribe a type of marijuana known as "Charlotte's Web." It only has 0.8 percent THC. Regular pot has about 15 percent. Thus, the strain does not make users high. Users are also not allowed to smoke the pot, but rather the marijuana is turned into an oil.

Only doctors who are providing ongoing care to patients can prescribe the oil, and only after other methods were shown to be ineffective. The law would only allow four dispensaries throughout the state, and a database of patients would be kept. Both patents and doctors could face misdemeanor charges for trying to cheat the system.

The bill took off after parents of children who suffer from serious seizures lobbied legislators.

Though, the bill may became moot if Floridians vote to legalize a more widespread use of medical marijuana like what's seen currently in 21 other states. That amendment will be decided in November.

"Although this is a significant step forward for our cause, the only complete and permanent solution for all those Floridians who need cannabis to relieve their symptoms from a wide range of debilitating conditions will be the approval of Amendment 2 by voters in November," said medical marijuana group United For Care in a statement.

The amendment would need 60 percent approval from voters to pass.

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Chris Smuts
Chris Smuts

Andrew Boyens Brooke Gehring Rhett Jordan

Chivo Carrasquel
Chivo Carrasquel

Low THC weed my balls!! i still get it from my guy.fuck this!

Eduardo Navarro
Eduardo Navarro

looks like weed is going to go the way of pharmaceuticals, there will be a couple of strains that will be "owned' by the corporations & all else will be "too dangerous" to allow....that's my take on the lowTHC mumbo jumbo...that & they will take all the 'fun" out of weed & start to develop strains with less & less THC & higher concentrations of the medicinal properties.

Pedro Viera
Pedro Viera

This is great and all!.....but whats with this "low-THC" mumbo jumbo!?!?!

Pani Roshani
Pani Roshani

Very good news!!!! One step closer to curing the sick!!!!



Chris Funk
Chris Funk

Uh... So I still gotta buy my crypie from my boy... and not pay tax on it.

Claudio Paz
Claudio Paz

this is a brilliant move by the senate and Gov Scott, this is to circumvent the voting measure which will pass and limit the THC content, I guess we need to fully legalize on the next ballot initiative.

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