Miami Man Expecting Pizza, Instead Gets Beaten, Robbed, and Tasered

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photo: Dylan T. Moore's Flickr | CC2.0
Is nothing sacred in this town? Do not even the lowest of the low have some respect for a man's right to eat pizza in peace? What is this world coming to?

Pablo Suescun, 21, was waiting for a pizza to be delivered to his Edgewater apartment. When he opened the door after hearing a knock, he was not greeted by greasy dough and cheese but rather by a group of men who beat him up and robbed him.

The kicker: The pizza delivery man showed up a few minutes later, but Suescun couldn't have the pizza because his assailants had stolen all of his cash.

According to NBC Miami, the incident happened near Biscayne Boulevard and NE 29th Street. Suescun ordered a Hawaiian pizza from a nearby pizza joint and informed them he'd pay with a $100 bill and wanted to ensure that the driver had enough cash for change.

A short while later, he buzzed someone into his building thinking it was the pizza delivery man.

"So I hear a knock on the door. I open up the door, assuming it's pizza, cash in hand. From the moment I open the door, all I felt was just a strike to the face. Got hit," Suescun told the station. "Three, maybe four guys came in, pushed me into my house... pushed me in this area, just started beating me. Punching me in the face. As I'm right here on the floor, there's just literally blood everywhere."

Suescun, a Miami Dade College student, also says he was shot with a stun gun during the incident. He was left with several bruises and a black eye, and remains suspicious of the timing.

The Miami Police Department is investigating the incident but has released little information other than the assailants might have taken off in a white Chrysler.

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Anyone know the name of the pizza place? New Times? I wonder what Miami PD detectives are thinking: interview EVERYONE that works there.

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