Miami Man Offers Heat Ticket in Exchange for Stolen Bike, or Two Tickets for Thief's Arrest

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LeBron knows a thing or two about biking.
Last Friday, Chris Underhill's bike was stolen. He had taken a cousin from out of town to Mary Brickell Village, only to find his chain cut and his Giant Escape true to its name: gone.

Underhill underwent the usual stages of stolen bike syndrome: disbelief, anger, and despair. He filled out a police report, posted a notice online, and began saving for another bicycle. But then he crunched the numbers. The bike was worth more to him than the pittance a petty thief could get for it. So he decided to make an offer: a Miami Heat playoff ticket to whomever returns the bike.

Even the thief.

Underhill, an engineer, says his cousin's bike was locked to his but wasn't stolen. So he thinks whoever took his bike is an amateur who saw an opportunity to make a quick buck.

Now he's offering the thief -- or anyone else who knows the whereabouts of his bike -- a chance to see LeBron James and company pound the Pacers this weekend.

"Bikes get stolen all the time here in Miami," Underhill admits. "But I figured if I could offer a Heat ticket, it would be something to catch people's eye, or just enough for them to keep a lookout for the bike."

Courtesy of Chris Underhill
Underhill says he doesn't have season tickets, but friends do. If begging them for help won't work, he thinks he can buy a ticket off them for less than a new bike.

"It would be awesome to get my bike back," he says. "I could still come out ahead."

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John Mehia
John Mehia

Probably on its way to Haiti by now....

Chgo Dave
Chgo Dave

its your duty to be a citizen to help fight crime, that's why so many communities lose they're nice neighborhoods the gang bangers and drug dealers, somebody messed around your neighborhood you hammer them ! :-)

Kyle Awon
Kyle Awon

i am not fighting crime for 300 seats


Stopped reading this after I read chain...

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