Microsoft to Open First U.S. "Innovation Center" in Downtown Miami

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Miami's burgeoning tech scene is about to get a big addition. Microsoft has announced that it will open its first American "innovation center" downtown this June. The center will operate out of Miami's Venture Hive, with the goal of not only aiding and adding some sizzle to Miami tech scene but to Dade County's economy as well.

Microsoft already operates about 100 innovation centers in 80 countries through out the world. This will be the first such facility in America (yes, insert joke about how Miami isn't really America here).

"Miami is a great destination in and of itself," Vice President Sanket Akerkar told the AP. "We've got forward thinking government leaders."

He also added that Miami's connection to Latin America is an asset.

The center will aid local start-ups, schools and governments with technology, tools and services. The idea is to foster technological development, growth and collaboration. It of course comes with the added bonus for Microsoft of hopefully creating users loyal to their technologies.

Venture Hive Miami, created last year through grants from the county and Downtown Development Agency, already houses 29 tech-savvy businesses and seeks to assist local techies and entrepreneurs. So the addition of Microsoft is a cozy fit.

The Herald reports that the center may kick off by teaching 200 local teachers how to create apps over the summer. Other services would include giving free software to start-ups and providing mentors and training for local techies.

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DRAKEMALLARD.0 topcommenter

Microsoft= That's ancient history.

 On average people with Linux experience system administrators, programmers etc get a higher wages due to demand for those people with that type of skillset that's all it really means. There's statistics to back this up as far as I know. Microsoft software and services won't run on 80% of the smart connected devices sold last year. This month they abandon a third of the installed base it took them 14 years to build

HarryTheHandyman topcommenter

"Microsoft Often First U.S. "Innovation Center" in Downtown Miami"

So what do they often?

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