Missy Elliott Sold Her Aventura Condo (Yes, the One From MTV Cribs)

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Back in the day MTV Cribs was the finest showcase of outrageous celebrity home interior design, but few places could touch Missy Elliott's Aventura condo in the "I can't tell if that's awesome as hell or totally tacky" category. She had a chair with fish tanks for arm rests, Lamborghini furniture, a "MISSY!" waterfall statue that fed into a koi pond, submarine-style bedroom doors, and the pièce de résistance: a king-size bed in the shape of a Ferrari with a plasma TV under the hood and sneaker rack in the trunk.

Yeah, well, she sold it earlier this year and the new owner got rid of all of that.

Yes, let us relive that glorious episode, because, yes, pretty much everything was still intact in the listing photos. That's the fountain up above, and here's the fish-tank chair (without fish).

MLS Photo
The waterfall mirror feature:

MLS Photo

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Marlon Gazzana
Marlon Gazzana

my mom almost hit missy elliott with her car at aventura mall

George I'doccupyThat Owen
George I'doccupyThat Owen

I've always wanted a car bed.... when I saw this air back then I was like "yup! missy totally gets it."

Grace DeWitt
Grace DeWitt

Why wasn't daddy the agent on this Sharon Hites DeWitt?

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