Dolphins Reach Stadium Upgrade Deal: Up To $5 Million a Year in Event "Finder's Fees"

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While one proposed stadium was dealt a death blow yesterday, another stadium moved one step closer a new deal with the county.

The Miami Dolphins and Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez reportedly signed an agreement yesterday that would see the county pay the team money for bringing marquee events to Miami. In exchange the Dolphins will pay for the $350 to $400 million in planned renovations to Sun Life Stadium out of pocket.

The agreement will now head to the county commission.

Under the deal the county would pay the team millions of dollars if certain events are hosted at Sun Life stadium. The money would come out of the county's hotel tax fund, and be distributed like this:

  • $4 million for a Super Bowl or World Cup finals match
  • $3 million for a World Cup semi-final or a college football championship game
  • $2 million for a college football play-off game
  • $750,000 for an certain other international soccer matches or other sporting events as long as at least 55,000 paid tickets are distributed and they bring in a significant amount of tourists to the county (think something along the lines of a Wrestlemania).

Noticeably, large concerts will not be part of the deal. Neither are college bowl games, like the annual Orange Bowl.

The payments would be capped at $5 million a year, and will not start until 2024.

Once approved by the city commission, the Dolphins would begin the process of renovating the stadium almost immediately. Improvements would include a rooftop canopy, new lower-bowl seating, high-definition lighting, and other improvements. Football season would not be interrupted, and work would be done before the 2016 season according to the Miami Herald.

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frankd4 topcommenter

....................IF THESE deals were so good for MIAMI then why is MIAMI so poor ?

let's see what happens in BRASIL after the WORLD CUP results are tabulated and then COMPARE what could have been if the $50,ooo,ooo,ooo was spent elsewhere like education or sewer or electricity or medical or roads what the benefit would have been for the residents and citizens of BRASIL


It would be insane not to sign off on this deal. Literally batshit crazy.

We all KNOW the Marlins pulled Grand Larceny. The Beckham deal? A land grab with a franchise that doesn't even exist yet. Even the beloved Heat CONTINUES to make vague threats about leaving if they don't get yet another free ride with rent...after a litany of broken promises to fund public park spaces as part of the original AAA deal.

The Dolphins are the ONLY ones being reasonable. Ross isn't asking for so much as a dime of public money to upgrade one of the oldest facilities in the NFL. And if you DON'T think it's now one of the oldest facilities you are officially Rip Van Winkle.

The Super Bowl is NOT coming back to that facility...neither are a ton of other big MONEY events that have better options. That writing has been on the wall for years.

Ross IS willing to spend FOUR HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS on improvements to that dinosaur...asking only a perfectly reasonable kickback IF and ONLY if hosts mega-events like the Super Bowl that would easily bring in more revenue than that.

Isn't that EXACTLY the kind of public/private partnership most people wish existed more often??

The Dolphins are being good corporate citizens here and the taxpayers are on the hook for NOTHING.

A FOUR HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR private investment in return for a once every two or three year pittance that would be MORE than worth it in Big Event attendant revenue would be beyond insane to turn down.

THIS one should be approved unanimously. 

Russell Adams
Russell Adams

I betcha 6 years from reno completion, the NFL is going to tell the Dolphins the stadium is obsolete and building a new stadium is the only option.

Phillip Morris
Phillip Morris

Chump change compared to the amount of local revenue that those events generate for the county. But "muh tax dollars!!!" Typical Miamians getting all pissy about something they have no understanding of.


The county is a pimp.  The stadium is its hooker. 

DRAKEMALLARD.0 topcommenter

Every year, millions of taxpayer dollars are poured into stadiums, 
hockey rinks, baseball parks, and other arenas in order to attract and retain 
professional sports teams in big cities.  Often the money is spent by 
the cities after a team "threatens" to leave the city.When that happens, of course, the local news media act as the willing accomplices of the billionaires who own the teams.When city and state governments build facilities for sports organizations which are owned by billionaires, and raise taxes as a result, it is clearly an abuse of power the infrastructure Is falling apart and the schools are in decline with overcrowding and not enough quality teachers no after school programs no firemen,  no policemen, no health programs for the poor. also the cites  are always going to be in debt. this thing do make money.

it time for more recalls /jail time

miamitrev2 topcommenter

What an exceptional way to piss away money. Should have bought the Herald property and then eventually built a world class stadium. 

frankd4 topcommenter

...........................from a review on COSELL: For example, the first quarter of the book is an in-depth analysis of the Raiders leaving Los Angeles and Al Davis' fight with the NFL. Howard does a good job covering this issue from an intelligent standpoint .......The most compelling part of this subject, which is further covered later with the section on the Jets and Giants leaving New York, is how it plays out in today's culture of sports franchises still successfully blackmailing cities and states. At least in that perspective, Howard (cosell) was correct...........

frankd4 topcommenter

....................GEORGE go get a copy of I NEVER PLAYED THE GAME by howard cosell, read it,  and then tell me your opinion

frankd4 topcommenter

....................................." to upgrade one of the oldest facilities in the NFL"


frankd4 topcommenter

..........ross has to fix it anyway so WHY should the city / county make ANY consessions at all ?

and it's not that it isn't "costing" residents anything because that same funding generated from hotel taxes can go to local public education

MIAMI is the largest poor city in america and it simply has to see that it cannot AFFORD these gigantic lavish spending sprees on sports to entertain visitors

the long time fallacy over the SUPERBOWL was that during Jan / Feb months when it is played this area was already over-run and to capacity with tourists = period = so all those consessions that were give out went right into the pockets of the robbies and huizingas and rosses for years and years using access to public funds for private benefit

IF THESE deals were so good for MIAMI then why is MIAMI so poor ?

frankd4 topcommenter

.....................well if tourists and snow-birds are already here spending money and generating jobs and paying taxes WHY SPEND so lavishly on things that are intended to take advantage at a time when it is already at capacity here ?

ATLANTIS puts in a water slide for as little a a million dollars and gets over-run with tourists who could care less about football - so WHY SPEND hundreds of millions ?

ATLANTIS still charges $9 for a 16oz COKE before gratuity at the POOL and there is no SUPERBOWL over there !

what brings people here in Jan and Feb is zero degrees temperatures up NORTH and 25,ooo,ooo will visit - SUPERBOWL OR NO - i guarantee it !

that's what is easy to understand

frankd4 topcommenter, the weather here in JAN and FEB is the HOOKER

SUPERBOWL OR NO, SOCCER OR NO,  25,ooo,ooo will visit once the weather up NORTH gets to zero degrees - i guarantee it !

frankd4 topcommenter

......................................howard cosell wrote about this in I NEVER PLAYED THE GAME

Palangana topcommenter

@miamitrev2 It seems like a win-win. Superbowls bring in much more than 5 million a piece, and that means a lot of money added to the local economy.

miamitrev2 topcommenter

Does it really? Hotels are booked solid that time of year. So who benefits other than Steve Ross and the NFL?

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