Five Ways Tonight's NBA Draft Could Affect LeBron James' Decision

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The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, is the site for tonight's 2014 NBA Draft, also known as the "Hey, LeBron, look what I can do!" show. A normal NBA Draft already has lots of moving parts -- more than any other professional sport -- but with the added pressure of impressing LeBron James and/or moving parts around to make space for him, tonight is sure to take that activity to the next level. If you're not trying to get LeBron James, you're trying to get the next LeBron James -- it all comes back LeBron James. Have I mentioned LeBron James? LeBron James, drink.

The draft promises to be heavy with roster tinkering and future mortgaging with the King in mind. Here are a few things that could affect where LeBron James plays next season.

1. Will the Heat trade its first-round pick for immediate help or keep it in an attempt to get younger?
Miami Heat fans have gotten used to the NBA Draft being pretty uneventful, but that might not be the case this year. What the Heat does with the first-round pick tonight will be the first domino to fall in the LeBron James sweepstakes. Will the Heat trade the #26 selection for a more proven player in an attempt to appease LeBron, or will the team roll the dice on an unproven college star in an attempt to offset an aging roster? It will be interesting to see how things play out.

2. Everyone knows the Heat wants Connecticut's Shabazz Napier, but more important, everyone knows LeBron James likes him.
The Miami Heat liking UConn's Shabazz Napier has been the worst-kept secret in all of the draft. Everyone knowing you love a player is normally a bad thing, so the Heat is rumored to be looking to trade up from the 26th slot in the first round to select Napier, but it won't come cheap. Rumor is the Heat could be forced to offer Norris Cole, the #26 pick, plus its 2017 first-round pick to move up, and even then the team wouldn't be sure he would last to the pick it acquires. LeBron James tweeted during the NCAA Tournament that there wasn't a better point guard in the draft than Napier, so of course the Heat has added incentive to nab Shabazz. Most important, we can all agree having more "Shabazz" in our lives would be a good thing.

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Phillip Morris
Phillip Morris

Bosh WAS available. He went #5 to the Raptors. We got Wade with the #4 pick. Heat "fans"...

Sam Wright
Sam Wright

Orlando, you really think the Heat developed Wade? That was a sure pick that anyway would have made. Oh wait, Riley admitted that he would have taken Bosh over Wade if available. Proving my point that the Heat have no idea what they are doing in the draft, it's not how the team is built. But you would not know that being a big Heat fan and all

David Miller
David Miller

I heard the heat are trying to move up to the 12th pick to get Shabaz Nappier, the UCONN point gaurd.

Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark

nothing at pick 25 is going to make him sway his opinion... PS he is staying in Miami anyway - LBJ at JZ show last night in yep a HEAT hat... after he met with wade and bosh at SOHO beach club for the afternoon

Sam Wright
Sam Wright

Does matter what Lebron wants, the Heat have always wasted their draft pics. They never develop young talent. It's one reason they are so old. Disclaimer: Heat fan for 24 years :)

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