Five Ways Tonight's NBA Draft Could Affect LeBron James' Decision

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3. Will the Heat continue to pretend international players do not exist?
For nearly a decade, the Miami Heat has ignored the international pool of prospects, ranking second-to-last in minutes played by foreign players. ESPN's Tom Haberstroh tweeted this information last week, and right away I asked him if nearly all of those minutes came from 2010, when the Heat rostered Zydrunas Ilguauskas. Yup, that was it, nearly all of it. Besides Big Z, the Heat has had no interest, which seems odd for a team that needs to use every resource to find affordable talent. In addition to the 26th pick, the Heat holds the 55th selection; if the team is to break this trend, you would expect it to happen there. With LeBron looking for help, and the Heat in desperate need of scoring options off the bench, will Miami look to a more established specialty player from overseas?

4. What new and exciting way will the Cavs screw up the draft this year?
The Cavs can't possibly screw up the top choice in arguably the most stacked NBA Draft in a decade, can they? The answer is, of course they can! Last year the Cavs shocked everyone on draft night by taking UNLV's Anthony Bennett first overall. Bennett went on to average four points and three rebounds a game in his rookie year. Will the Cavs use the pick to bring in a more established player to help lure LeBron James back home? Rumor is they had a deal close that would have landed them Kevin Love, but Love refuses to sign with Cleveland long-term. What the Cavs do with the first selection will affect not only the rest of the draft but also the LeBron sweepstakes.

5. Is tonight the night the Wolves finally trade Kevin Love?
This isn't so much about LeBron being impressed with who acquires Love; it's more about whatever team he goes to being all but out of the running to acquire LeBron's services. Whoever gets him will have to give up a ridiculous package, leaving very little for a LeBron sign-and-trade deal and less money after they sign Love to the long-term max deal he's looking for. That being said, the teams that lose out on Love may change course and look to sign Carmelo Anthony. Love seems the likely first domino to fall, and it could happen tonight.

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Phillip Morris
Phillip Morris

Bosh WAS available. He went #5 to the Raptors. We got Wade with the #4 pick. Heat "fans"...

Sam Wright
Sam Wright

Orlando, you really think the Heat developed Wade? That was a sure pick that anyway would have made. Oh wait, Riley admitted that he would have taken Bosh over Wade if available. Proving my point that the Heat have no idea what they are doing in the draft, it's not how the team is built. But you would not know that being a big Heat fan and all

David Miller
David Miller

I heard the heat are trying to move up to the 12th pick to get Shabaz Nappier, the UCONN point gaurd.

Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark

nothing at pick 25 is going to make him sway his opinion... PS he is staying in Miami anyway - LBJ at JZ show last night in yep a HEAT hat... after he met with wade and bosh at SOHO beach club for the afternoon

Sam Wright
Sam Wright

Does matter what Lebron wants, the Heat have always wasted their draft pics. They never develop young talent. It's one reason they are so old. Disclaimer: Heat fan for 24 years :)

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