SkyRise's Future Murkier After Gov. Rick Scott Vetoes $2 Million in State Funds

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If it's ever completed, SkyRise Miami -- the proposed bayfront tourist attraction which some have already derisively tabbed the "Paperclip Tower" -- is slated to be 1,000 feet tall, making it the tallest building in Florida. In addition to a bungee jump, it would have a ballroom, three observation decks, a restaurant, and a nightclub.

But after Gov. Rick Scott announced his budget yesterday, SkyRise won't be getting additional funding help from one important source: state taxpayers.

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Scott approved the biggest budget in state history -- $77 billion -- but vetoed a $2 million request from SkyRise developers. "My focus is on what's good for taxpayers," Scott said about the budget.

Jeff Berkowitz, the SkyRise developer, was not available for comment by press time; Scott's office also did not immediately have a statement available.

It's not clear how the lost taxpayer funding will impact Berkowitz's plans for the mega-structure. But construction is apparently still set to begin later this year for the proposed Biscayne Bay tower, with an opening tentatively planned for 2017.

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Hellenea Siargani
Hellenea Siargani

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Leonidas Funkevich
Leonidas Funkevich

It would bring alot of jobs and tourism to Miami. Hope it happens.

Gregory Maestre
Gregory Maestre

I guess he was not in on this deal, or he decided to do something right.

Nick Moss
Nick Moss

Never thought I'd say it - sort of hesitant here - but, good job Rick.

Jose Arpajon
Jose Arpajon

Good!!! After all the developers are going to reap the benefits, let them pay for it. Why have the taxpayers foot the bill?!

Palangana topcommenter

We should build an enormous statue, like the Colossus of Rhodes.  Everybody loves statues, and there's very few of them in S. Florida.  


If a developer needs two million in state funds he shouldn't call himself a developer.  Call him a leech. 

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