Miami Drops Bid to Host Democratic National Convention

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Hillary Clinton's coronation party will not be held in Miami. Local leaders have decided to drop their bid to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention, citing lack of time to prepare a competitive package. Though, organizers still have an eye on hosting a party convention in 2020.

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Despite an economy that relies on hosting big-time events, Miami has not hosted a political convention since 1972 when the Miami Beach Convention Center played host to both the Democratic and Republican conventions.

Local leaders from Miami, Miami Beach, and the county sought to possibly change that in March when Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez, Miami Mayor Tomás P. Regalado, Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, and tourism bureau head William D. Talbert II sent a letter to DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz signaling that they'd like to hold the convention.

In April it was announced that Miami was in the running with 14 other cities to host the event.

According to the Miami Herald, that bid has now been dropped.

"We continue feeling very strongly that Miami would be the absolute best site for any political convention based on all of the attributes that our community has to offer and we urge you to consider taking steps so that we may organize ourselves with anticipation to potentially pursue the conventions in 2020," wrote organizer Matt Balsera in an email obtained by the paper.

Tampa has hosted the RNC in 2012, and wound up with a bill of $50 million. Like many big events, including Super Bowls, evidence that political conventions provide economic activity that warrant that kind of spending are inconclusive.

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Ari B. Good
Ari B. Good

Good. Plenty more communists in the northeast, Illinois and the west coast. Let them waste their tax dollars.

Amanda Drewniak
Amanda Drewniak

Wow stupid people on this thread. 1. Clinton has not been nominate as part of the primaries even and you guys have here as the main candidate. 2. She did speak her concerns about running and hasn't made a decision yet. 3. It would be good for the local economy. 4. Learning isn't a word in most of Miami's category and a political convention can teach more about the political process. 5. Partying and getting crunk has been and will never be on the ballot. 6. If you believe any member of any political party is on your side then you are seriously mind fucked. 7. Stop putting the blame on one person because it show how little you know about the political situation.

Johennys Leiva
Johennys Leiva

That old dry vag traitor isn't winning on my vote. Fuck that bitch! Antero Blanco

Antero Blanco
Antero Blanco

Hahahahaha! Good... Actually believing Hitlary has a chance at winning is as valid as saying Richard Simmons loves pu$$y. Johennys Joanna

Christine King
Christine King

This event would have been good for our local economy. Also it may not be Hillary who gets picked. How about some real progressive candidate this time around

Jason Winburn
Jason Winburn

She already lost to a nobody once. Should be a slow moving train wreck again.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter


I was again so looking forward to Miami-Dade county taking money from me by force to reward their rich buddies.

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