Miami's Biggest Soccer Fan Fell Through a Window After Portugal Goal

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Eric Corey is Miami's biggest soccer fan. Sure, he's a local leader of the American Outlaws, a group of U.S. Soccer superfans, but his real credentials lie in the unfortunate fact that he got so excited when the Americans gave up a late tying goal in yesterday's game against Portugal that he literally fell out of a bar window.

The incident happened at Fado Irish Pub at 900 S. Miami Ave. in Mary Brickell Village. Corey is president of the local chapter of the Outlaws, and the two-story pub is the home base for fans.

According to the Miami Herald, Corey was standing on the inside window ledge to lead other fans in chants while holding a megaphone. When Portugal scored its late-game equalizer, Corey somehow fell through the second-story window and onto an awning below.

"Eric looked heartbroken," Kevin Yombor, another member of the Outlaws, told the Herald. "I saw that he knew -- he spread his arms to stop himself from falling out, but he saw that he was going out the window."

The windows had been opened earlier because it was hot inside the bar. Other patrons had tweeted during the game that the bar had turned off the air conditioning.

Luckily, Corey wasn't seriously injured. Though he was carried away by paramedics, he wasn't taken to the hospital.

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Fado Irish Pub

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Bianca Neto
Bianca Neto

Lorraine Costa Hahahaha o Nicholas Peters me mandou sobre isso ontem. Menina, a gente podia ter rolado daquelas escadas ontem hahahaha

Ro Ly
Ro Ly

Chantal Ximenez


I'm glad I wasn't standing by an open window when Portugal scored that goal.

miamitrev2 topcommenter

Dressing like an asshole to get on tv (the American Outlaws MO) doesnt make someone a "bigger fan". If he is such a  big fan why isnt he in Brazil?

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

Fuckin' Moron!

Like any of the soccer players would give him the time of day.



@miamitrev2 Wow are you a hater.  Dressing like an "Asshole"?  You really hate soccer that much.  In regards to your moronic question "If he is such a big fan, why isn't he in Brazil?"... I don't know, things like the expense of an extended trip to Brazil and/or a little thing called a "job" that may have not allowed him to fly to Brazil for a few weeks?  Those seem like the most obvious answers off the top of just about any human with half a brain's head. Wow, while you think fans wear their teams colors, paint their faces, etc just to get on tv....I'm thinking you like to comment just to see your comment online.  Put a little thought into your comments, you'll hopefully come out looking so much more intelligent. 

miamitrev2 topcommenter

@mrhirsch  lol  so sensitive!  You must be his boyfriend.  Carry on FauxEuroSnob

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