NCAA Recruiting Scandal Pits Miami Hurricanes Versus Florida Gators

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Alex Izaguirre
Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. In this special online edition, Luke opines about the Miami Hurricanes and Florida Gators getting caught up in another college football controversy.

The University of Miami and the University of Florida are embroiled in the latest college football scandal. The controversy highlights why NCAA rules restricting a recruiter's contact with student athletes make no sense.

Last week, Joker Phillips resigned as University of Florida wide receivers coach after the NCAA received a photo of him while he was talking to a high school recruit at football practice. Florida could be found guilty of a major violation because Phillips allegedly spoke to the player during a scouting event where coaches are allowed to only evaluate recruits.

University of Florida coaches are accusing two Miami assistants of taking the incriminating pictures. Both universities are not commenting on the matter. However, head coaches at several high schools around the state have decided to ban Miami coaches from their campuses.

This could have all been avoided if college coaches were allowed to have more conversations with student athletes than the NCAA allows. By restricting how college coaches can communicate with high school recruits, the NCAA is giving competing football programs ammunition to go after one another.

There is no way an assistant can gauge the character of a high school recruit by simply relying on his grades and a couple of visits during the recruiting season. His job is on the line when he tells the head coach to recruit a certain player who ends up getting in trouble down the road.

When a troubled student athlete robs a convenience store after he's enrolled and on campus, it is the assistant who will get canned. At the same time, a good kid with a 4.0 grade point average at an inner-city school might get passed over because the coach recruiting him couldn't interact with him.

To find out if a star student athlete is a responsible young adult or out running in the streets, college assistants need more time to develop a dialogue with the young man and his family. A coach should not be restricted from having productive conversations with a recruit before making a scholarship commitment.

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Florida is crooked ... no surprise. And the high schools they recruit from agree with Florida breaking NCAA rules. Really! Who are these high schools. Name them, the public has a right to know who sides with rule breakers.  

HarryTheHandyman topcommenter

Hey where's your article about what happened at that party you went to?


This is what happens when you snitch.


Uncle Luke, come on and lets be fully open and honest, the University of Florida program is reputed to be the dirtiest around and they broke the rules. It has been alleged that a major NCAA investigation of the University of Florida is underway? By the way how did Brandon Powell get plucked off the Miami campus? For that matter talk about all the promises LSU supporters made to Hialeah Champagnat for Valentine!

You may want to talk to the Ice Man and Randy, I know that Randy will confirm the Florida recruiting program if he's being honest.

Oh by the way if Miami knew of a blatant NCAA violation by Florida Miami would be in violation of NCAA rules by not reporting it to the NCAA. If you think Joker Phillips left the University of Florida coaching staff because of this one incident you're living in never - never land.


So let me see if I have this correct:  UF coach commits an infraction (breaks an NCAA law) and gets turned in.  UF accuses proof yet that UM assistants turned in the UF coach and High School head coaches ban UM.  Thus whether or not UM had anything to d  o with turning in the coach, the HS head coaches are condoning illegal behavior and banishing good behavior.  What does this say about those leaders?  And they are leading our young men!  Wow, this is truly appalling. 

Let's not get all up about whether the NCAA rule is right or wrong, it is the rule.  You break it, you suffer the consequences.  I think that the principals at these high schools should be scrutinizing their head coaches for poor decisions and thus poor leadership.

And if UM did turn in the UF coach, it is not like UF has never done this before either.  It is all part of recruiting.

If you don't agree with the rule, work to change it.  Disregard it and suffer the consequences.  There are plenty of rules and laws that many of us do not agree with, but if you allow one to be broken, then what about the next and the next and the next...soon you end up with chaos.

I agree with your column, a lot of the rules the NCAA has are ridiculous.  However, these head coaches should be shown the door, if they are banning a school for not doing the wrong and allow a school who did the wrong.


I totally disagree, what was the conversation w/ the recruit about, how long was he there these are questions that would have to be answered before I cast judgements as for the UM coaches for high school coaches to ban u from the campus there clearly is more to this story, I've researched a couple of complaints against them

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