Very Excited Young Marlins Fan Is Today's Internet Hero

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The Marlins aren't used to winning much, but one of their youngest fans may have won the Internet today.

The young tyke was at a game when the in-stadium cameras panned over to him and put him on the Jumbotron. The kid promptly noticed and, well, went wild. Yes, he has better moves than you.

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Funny, I saw this posted to Google plus erlier and the caption was that they were at a World cup soccer game and he was rooting for a "football" team. How do you know he is a Marlins fan and this was even a baseball game? Just curious!


@red.cell  If you have been to Marlin Stadium, you will recognize the seats.  Also, if you are from Miami, you have seen these little crazy Cuban kids running around.  I love my city.  I love my Marlins.  And I hate to admit it, but I love my crazy fellow Miamians. 

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