The Five Most Ridiculous Internet Signs About Where LeBron James Is Heading

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All hell has broken loose, and everyone is a suspect. Everything is a sign. Everyone knows; nobody knows. Yesterday was one of the most ridiculous days in the history of the internet, as Heat fans and Cavs fans sat around their Twitter feeds all day waiting for something, anything, to make or break them.

Emotions swung minute to minute based on a single tweet from someone in the media who most likely knows just as much as any of us, yet we still cling to its every character because LeBron James. Here are the five most absurd -- yet TRUE? -- signs the internet has turned up that surely will tell us where LBJ is heading.

1. OMG LeBron is moving -- his cars, as usual, this time of year.
The image of moving trucks in front of LeBron's house shook Heat fans to the core. It was over; this is our Baltimore Colts. Nope. Turns out LeBron does this every time he plans on being in Ohio for an extended period of the off-season. Myth BUSTED! Fans were calling not only the moving company but also the marble company working on a different house on the street. HEY, MARBLE COMPANY, GIMME THE DEETS.

2. Mike Miller is telling us he's joining LeBron in Cleveland!
Traitor! Carpetbagger! How dare you, Michael -- we trusted you! Then cooler heads -- er, facts -- prevailed. Soon after this post, report came out that Miller is close to a deal with the Denver Nuggets, which in turn caused the Memphis Grizzlies to up their offer. The Cavaliers had to trade a third of their bench to get enough money liquid to have a shot at LeBron, so it's incredibly doubtful they would be able to get into the Mike Miller sweepstakes.

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