Why You Should Be Excited For Canes Football From Cutler Ridge Laz, UM Superfan

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The countdown is on. Miami Hurricanes football is just thirty-three days away from returning when the Canes face the Louisville Cardinals in their opener September 1.

So how better to get ready than catching up with Canes superfan Cutler Ridge Laz? The man behind the #CanesFam Twitter movement weighs in on ten questions about the Hurricanes new squad.

Laz is famed throughout the Canes community as one of the school's most die-hard supporters. Laz is a regular Hurricanes correspondent/contributor to 560 WQAM, calling in from just about any and all functions, games, practices, and anything else Miami Hurricanes related. If anyone knows the roster top to bottom, it's this man.

If you're a Canes fan you already know how Laz gets down. His #CanesFam tailgates are the place to before games, and in the off-season he keeps the Canes family together with softball games and barbecues.

New Times: The Hurricanes are coming off a nine-win season, nice for most schools, but the University of Miami isn't "most schools" when it comes to the football program. Go on the record and give me a hard-number-wins-prediction for the Miami Hurricanes in 2014.
Laz: Damn, I need a 10 win season, and it's something that's gotta happen in order for the Hurricanes to get where I hope they're going. Nine wins and winning the Coastal is mandatory as far as I'm concerned.

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As if replacing Stephen Morris wasn't enough to deal with, his likely replacement, ex-Miramar High's Ryan Williams, tore his ACL in spring ball -- between redshirt freshman Kevin Olsen, incoming freshmen Brad Kaaya and Malik Rosier, and Kansas transfer Jake Heaps, who do you think will be taking the snaps versus Louisville on September 1?
Kevin Olsen should have the edge, having red-shirted last year. I don't think talent is a question with Kevin, I think he has got all the tools to be successful. I just hope he's ready for open competition and puts his all into being the starting QB for "QBU."

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Duke Johnson proved he can be one of the most dynamic players in college football last year, before being lost for the season against Florida State. When it comes time for the Heisman Trust to pick finalists for this years award, will Duke Johnson be one of the handful of players invited?
Proof is in the pudding. With Duke Miami went 7-0 last season, without Duke they finished 2-3. Duke makes the other team have to account for him no matter where he is at on the field. With the uncertainty at QB, you have to think we will be running the ball a ton, so a healthy Randy "Duuuuuuuke" Johnson will get a lot of Heisman love in 2014, he will be in NYC.

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Enrique Molina
Enrique Molina

Silvio Alexis Morales haha dope I remember that day epic!!!

Dayron Feliz
Dayron Feliz

Every year for the last decade has been a season people should get excited for. All that "the U IS BACK" nonsense every single time.

Michelle Wallace
Michelle Wallace

The Louisville game is an away game, not the home opener... that would be Sept. 6 against FAMU

miamitrev2 topcommenter

Being a chronic radio caller  doesn't make someone a superfan, it makes them an idiot

Lam Nguyen
Lam Nguyen

They'll be lucky to make it to their own conference championship.

Camilo Jaime
Camilo Jaime

One more uncle Luke post and I am erasing you from FB!

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