Giancarlo Stanton Sick of Marlins Always Trading Everyone

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After some early hope this season, the Marlins will play their 100th game tonight and are marred in mediocrity. It's actually an improvement over the past two seasons, but the team is still 6.5 games behind in the wildcard race.

Rather than trying to beef up by making trades, the team is rumored to be calling it a season by dealing closer Steve Cishek.

Well, the team's one true superstar, Giancarlo Stanton, is mad as hell at the Marlins for trading away every other decent player at any chance they get and he's not going to take it anymore.

With the Fish considering whether to trade killer reliever Steve Cishek, Stanton has apparently let the team know he'd like to see a little bit more stability in the franchise, and, you know, at least some belief they can win something.

"I don't think there's much chance Stanton ends up staying [long-term] with the Marlins anyway," a source told the Miami Herald's Clark Spencer. "But if they move Cishek, what's that telling [Stanton]? If they traded Cishek, they could pretty much kiss him goodbye."

Though, per the Herald, the team is waiting on the results of the four-game series with the Braves to decide if they're ready to trade Cishek.

The team meanwhile is widely expected to offer Stanton himself a long-term contract extension after this season. He won't be a total free agent for two more years, but he will enter arbitration after this season.

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Ralphie Salas
Ralphie Salas

Jeter retires. I can see Stanton in pinstripes as the next Yankees franchise player

Carl Snyder
Carl Snyder

So what else is new. The team name should be changed to the vagabonds

demoroman88 topcommenter

Marlins are a pretty sad franchise.. But moving Cishek, for some young talent thats under team control  isn't the end of the world.. Cishek will be getting expensive after this season, and probably wont be worth what he would be asking for.



Jimmy Dempsey
Jimmy Dempsey

Stanton is next. .. MARLINS can't afford Stanton

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