Man Arrested in Fourth of July Weekend Murder of Woman Found in Trash Can

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Sandy Cenin's body was found on July 5 stuffed inside a green trash can in Little Haiti. It stood near the corner of NW 54th Street and North Miami Avenue with a yellow tarp covering the top. Thirty-two-year-old Cenin's body had a single gunshot to the head.

Now police have arrested 32-year-old Damien Mungin for the crime. The man, who also goes by the nickname "Grinch," now faces second-degree murder charges.

According to CBS Miami, police believe that Cenin had originally been shot inside an apartment at 520 NE First Court before her body somehow wound up in the waste bin.

A witness came forward to inform police that not only had he seen Mungin running from the building with a gun in hand, but that Mungin had later confessed to him that he had shot the gun into the apartment on the night of the murder.

Police are still hoping other witnesses come forward. Anyone with information is asked to call the Miami Police Department Homicide Unit at 305-603-6350.

Few other details are known at the moment, including if or how Mungin and Cenin knew each other.

Mungin is being held without bail.

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