Was Mariela Castro, Fidel's Niece and LGBT Activist, on Board Crashed Algerian Flight?

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Photo by Northside via Wikimedia Commons
Rumors swirled online this morning after Mariela Castro, daughter of Cuban president Raúl Castro and niece of Fidel, was listed on the passenger list of a plane that went missing earlier today in north Africa. The Air Algerie flight encountered rough weather and is believed to have crashed near the border of Mali and Algeria, likely killing 116 passengers and crew.

Castro's name appeared on an initial passenger list posted by the Burkina Faso airport where the plane took off. But NBC News now reports that Castro is alive and well in Havana.

Update: CNN is also reporting that Mariela is alive and well in Havana.

Mariela Castro is a prominent gay rights activist credited with improving conditions for Cuba's LGBT community, which her uncle had once stigmatized.

News that Castro was aboard the missing plane was first posted on the Facebook page for Ouagadougou Airport in Burkina Faso. The plane, an MD-83, had left Ouagadougou on its way to Algiers about 50 minutes before it lost contact with ground control.

The news was first reported on the Ouagadougou Airport's facebook page
Reports that Castro was on the plane have blazed through the web, but at least one reliable source is now saying they're bunk.

The apparent crash marks a disastrous week for world aviation. Last Thursday, Ukrainian separatists allegedly shot down a Malaysian Airlines jet with almost 300 people on board, including students and noted AIDS researchers.

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Amanda Drewniak
Amanda Drewniak

Lol New Times knows the Trigger Word to troll on the Cuban community and uses it freely.

Jenny Fernandez Luis Cabello
Jenny Fernandez Luis Cabello

She fights for LGBT rights? How about standing up for human rights in general in Cuba? Oh that's right...she eats every day, has medical attention, travels...what does she care about her people.

Eugenio A. Alonso
Eugenio A. Alonso

Nope, the spawn is still among us. In other words, there's a fungus among us, still.

Chgo Dave
Chgo Dave

Who Cares about a communist family?

Angie Alzola
Angie Alzola

No, no, she's alive and was seen in Havana. QP.

Eric Hutchison
Eric Hutchison

If she had been on the plane, it would have been no more tragic than the death of every other person on board.

Jack Ciri
Jack Ciri

Why do I care? I'm so sick of the news singling out people who are no more important than everyone else.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter


She is a Communist

Communist want to take away our property

In a free society that is called theft.

So the Thief dying is less tragic. Some would even call it a plus!

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