Miami Man Added to List of Most Wanted Fugitives List for Medicare Fraud

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Sandy De La Fe was indicted last year for bilking medicare out of $2.8 million. Shortly after he went missing. Authorities believe he may be hiding out in Cuba, but aren't sure.

This week he was added to the Health and Human Service Department Inspector General's most wanted fugitive list. Sure, it's not quite the FBI's version, but you have to rack up some pretty serious healthcare fraud to be included.

De La Fe was indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and health care fraud back in 2013. He owned the Miami-based Goldenway Pharmacy Discount, Inc and allegedly paid Medicare recipients to obtain false proscriptions. Some of the prescriptions were worth more than $1,000, and De La Fe and his co-conspirators racked in the cash.

In fact, he pulled in $2.8 million from medicare.

Authorities however could not find him to arrest him, and believe he may be in Cuba.

Of course, anyone with information about De La Fe's whereabouts is asked to contact the Inspector General.

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