Unemployment in Miami-Dade Down 2.9 Percent From a Year Ago

Unemployment in Miami-Dade is down 2.9 percent from a year ago, according to the latest number from the Florida Department of Economic Activity, indicating that economic recovery in the county continues. The unemployment rate in the county now sits at 7.3 percent (not seasonally adjusted), and the county added 29,600 jobs between June 2013 and June 2014.

However, unemployment in Miami-Dade is still more worrisome than it is in neighboring counties. The unemployment rate in June for Broward County was just 5.3 percent. In Palm Beach it's 6.1 percent, and in Collier it's 5.8 percent. Monroe County's unemployment is 3.5 percent.

Still, Miami-Dade has come a long way -- from the 9.2 percent unemployment rate in June 2013, even as the work force expanded by about 4,000 people. 117,855 were unemployed in the county this time last year, compared to just 94,692 now.

Florida's total unemployment numbers, which unlike county-level data is seasonally adjusted, is now 6.2 percent. That's down slightly from 6.3 percent in May and down from 7.4 percent from June 2013.

Statewide, jobs in the "trade, transportation and utilities," goods production, construction, and professional services have seen the highest growth over the past year.

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If they count jobs as they do in Washington, the numbers could be deceiving. Feds count a part-time job the same as full-time. If a person loses their f/t job & picks up 3 p/t jobs it's a net gain of 2 jobs. Convenient math.

Palangana topcommenter

@dean85 They counted it the same way a year ago as they count it today. We'd have to look at whether a large number of part tme jobs have been added to the economy over the past year.  If the part time trend continues, they'll need to change the way these these things are measured, but one of the most useful aspects of these data is that they're measured the same way decade after decade after decade.  If you begin moving the goalposts, the numbers will become meaningless.

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