Charlie Crist Breaks Emoji Barrier in Florida Politics

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Anyone unfortunate enough to be a political campaign's mailing list knows how weird the e-mail subject lines can be. Just check out Nancy Pelosi's latest string of really depressing subject lines as one example.

Yet, the subject line of an e-mail we got from the Charlie Crist campaign last night really made us do a double take. It had emojis, the favored communication language of tweens.

All-in-all it was a pretty restrained use of emoji. Sadly it was not "Rick Scott = [smiling poop face]."

"[Thumbs up] or [thumbs down]?" the e-mail asked us. "You decide."

It was meant as a last minute fundraising e-mail hoping to raise a few extra dollars in the July reporting period. The body included just an image informing recipients that, "July could be our best month ever. Will you be part of it?" It then asked for a $5 donation before midnight.

Yes, we couldn't get over the fact we got an e-mail from an actual political campaign with emojis in the headline. Was this the first time this has ever happened?

Apparently not. According to Mediaite, Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) sent out an e-mail with the emoji heart symbol way back in March.

Slate also points out that the Democratic National Committee has been using them sparingly in e-mail for the past few months as well.

Yet, this is the first evidence we could find of a mainstream politician using two emojis in a political e-mail subject line.

Welcome to the world we live in now.

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