Five Awful Moments From the Miami Dolphins' Past Decade

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It's official: Miami Dolphins football is back. Well, the real thing is still a few weeks off, but the Dolphins fumbled away a game-winning drive twice in a matter of 30 seconds in their preseason loss to the Falcons last Friday, so you can tell the real thing is just around the corner.

For everyone in Miami under the age of 35, saying the Dolphins are back is a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, it's football, and football is awesome. On the other hand, Sundays are so painless without the guys in teal and orange. We hate that we love them, but at this point there is nothing you can do -- you're stuck with them for life.

Once upon a time, you used to be able to brag to your friends that the Miami Dolphins were the winningest team in professional sports history, a model for consistency, a perennial contender. Not anymore. Over the past decade, the Dolphins have gone 66-94 and finished with a winning record just twice. No playoff wins in more than a decade has numbed what was once a proud fan base. Now most of them just expect the worst, because it's all they can remember.

In the hopes that reliving these moments might banish whatever demons are haunting the franchise before the new year begins, let's look back at the most painful moments from the past decade of mediocre football.

1. In the face!
Never has a moment summed up what it is like being a Miami Dolphins fan more than this doozy of a play. Here the snapped ball represents 1974 to present-day Miami Dolphins memories, and punter Brandon Fields' unsuspecting face is your life. Fields' reaction after the ball smacks him pretty much sums up a decade of Dolphins fans emotions.

The play really is Dolphins fandom in a nutshell. False hope followed by a crashing realization that everything that could go wrong will, and when it does, it will be in epic fashion.

2. John Beck is the backward man.
When I began compiling fail moments, I wasn't quite sure this one actually happened how I remembered it. I was right it -- it was infinity times worse than I recalled. Just when you thought the 0-12 Dolphins couldn't up the suck-ante any further, quarterback John Beck threw this wet fart of a pass, completely tearing off the suck-o-meter knob altogether.

Even the TV guys couldn't believe what they were seeing. This is the clubhouse leader for rock-bottom moment in Miami Dolphins history. This is worse than Mark Sanchez's butt fumble. The butt fumble is LeBron James, but this play is the Michael Jordan of NFL QB fails.

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Easily the worst day was when Mr. Ross purchased the team 

Pug Southerland
Pug Southerland

Man fuck all y'all... Don't even know why tha fuck this is even in tha times

Derrick Lang
Derrick Lang

To be fair for the snap to the face, the Dolphins did win that game... but as a New England Patriots fan I would be remiss to also note they didn't win many more that season.

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Jerry Gonzalez
Jerry Gonzalez

How about Ricky Williams retiring and the wanstache going 2 and 14?

demoroman88 topcommenter

I've given up on the Dolphins, like 5 years ago already.. This team will always suck 

Cary Gonzalez
Cary Gonzalez

And now they are officially jinxed for the season...thanks, NT!

Henock Assefa
Henock Assefa

Laughed and cried hysterically reading this.

Jim Cribb
Jim Cribb

Miami has the Dolphins...the crappiest football team...they fumble the ball from goal to goal like no one's ever seen. They're in the air they're on the ground they're never in control, and when you say Miami, you're talking Toilet Bowl...cause they're the Miami Dolphins.

James G. Camp
James G. Camp

Btw, Pouncey is becoming too much of a distraction to be worth it ?

James G. Camp
James G. Camp

Bully gate was really more about a guy that wanted to play in SF with his college coach. Jury is out whether he can stay on a pro bowl offensive line. I hope Harbaugh objectively evaluates whether he's just more than a mediocre lineman ? Dolphins make the playoffs without Martin quitting.

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