Florida Is the Third Most Expensive State to Own a Car

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Merely owning a car in Florida could cost you $500 extra a year than it would in other states. In fact, according to a new analysis from BankRate.com, Florida is the third most expensive state in the nation to own a car.

The rankings included the average price a driver pays for gasoline, repairs and insurance in each state. That doesn't even include things like tolls, tickets and parking (which are ostensibly avoidable, but not so much in places Miami).

The total for Florida came to $2,516. That's only behind Louisiana's $2,555 and Wyoming's nation leading $2,705.

Naturally, Florida's costs were high among all three factors.

Average Floridians pay about $377 each year on parts and repairs for their car. Though, most states repair costs are somewhere in the $325 to $390 range.

Insurance costs about $1,124 a year. Compare that to Iowa where they pay only about $630 a year for insurance.

Meanwhile, merely gassing up your car costs $1,015.

The cheapest state to own a car? In Iowa it's just $1,942 each year.

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Palangana topcommenter

Rampant insurance fraud plus industry deregulation.


But who wants to live in Iowa anyways... a state that crams that many syllables into such a short name can't be trusted...

Palangana topcommenter

@wtf-asaurus That is an excellent point.  3 syllables in just 4 letters!  Certainly wickedness is afoot.

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