John Snavely's Lawyer: Prosecutors Trying To Turn Porn Star Into "The Perfect Monster"

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Illustration by Joseph Laney
The law office of Raúl Recoba is located on Calle Ocho across from a liquor store and above a discount beauty-supply store. Here, the sidewalks are stained dark with discarded gum and cortaditos. Recoba works inside a small, clean room down a long, white hallway. His window provides a sweeping view of Little Havana, obscured only by pigeons pacing the sill.

Recoba is not one of South Florida's highest-powered attorneys. In fact, the 41-year-old Uruguayan joined the Florida Bar only three years ago. But he has already been tasked with handling one of the state's most headline-grabbing cases: the upcoming murder trial of porn star John Snavely, better-known as Champ.

It's a tall order. Snavely's fingerprints and DNA were found at the scene of the crime. Detectives even claim he confessed. But Recoba says that the police work has been sloppy and that his client is innocent. "They are choosing the path of least resistance and John is the only guy that they have," he says. "Is that justice?"

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As reported previously in New Times, multimillionaire Samuel Del Brocco was found stabbed to death inside his Pompano Beach townhouse on September 12, 2010. At first, suspicion fell on Del Brocco's young employee, Justin DeVinney, a former Playgirl model who stood to inherit $3 million upon Del Brocco's death.

In July 2013, however, the Broward Sheriff's Office matched DNA from a Coke can in Del Brocco's townhouse to Champ, a hulking, handsome Texan with a long rap sheet and a growing reputation as an up-and-coming porn star. Detectives also found Snavely's fingerprint on Del Brocco's Porsche, which had been washed just hours before his death.

The case against Champ seemed open-and-shut when he put himself at the scene of the crime. According to a BSO report, Snavely admitted to meeting Del Brocco at a gay bar, going back to his townhouse in the Porsche, and drinking a can of Coke. "Snavely stated that once he and the client moved to the bedroom he began to do the 'private dance' and that the client wanted him to masturbate," the report says. But Snavely couldn't get it up, he allegedly told detectives, so Del Brocco drove him home.

Prosecutors consider Snavely's statement a key piece of evidence. "The suspect seemed to question himself about whether or not he could have been involved in the victim's death and not remember it due to drug use," according to an arrest affidavit.

But Recoba says there is no confession.

"John tells me that the things that [Detective John] Curcio reported are not at all the things he talked to him about," Recoba says. "[Detectives] are going to say what they are going to say. But they don't have anything written by John. How hard is that? How hard would it have been to bring your little recorder if you've been doing this for 30 years and you suspect that someone may give you a spontaneous statement?"

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James G. Camp
James G. Camp

Hmmmm, this case involves 2 of the hotter topics/issues today, homosexuality and marijuana, neither group is uttering a peep about it ?


Theyre not pAinting him as a monster, he is!


Lol,He's not. If you really knew him, you'd never think that.


I guess ur Amber lol sad

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