Rick Scott's Primary Challenger Wants to Smack Him With a Chancleta

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Despite running against incumbent Gov. Rick Scott in the Republican primary, Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder hasn't made many headlines. Scott's win is nearly guaranteed. Yet, Cuevas-Neunder has a strong message that will surely resonate with Florida's Latina moms.

She wants to smack Scott (and Charlie Crist) with her chancleta.

Cuevas-Neunder joined Charlie Crist's Democratic primary opponent Nan Rich yesterday in Broward at panel held by an alumnae chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority. (Crist also made a very brief appearance, but Scott was a no-show.)

During her address, Cuevas-Neunder held up a red, white, and blue flip-flop.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is used in our Hispanic community as a method of discipline to children," she said according to the Palm Beach Post.

"It is called la chancleta. In English it's called a flip-flop. At the present time we have two flip-flops running for governor. And I want to use this one to discipline them because they deserve the discipline."

Of course, it doesn't need much explanation here in Miami.

A quick view of Cuevas-Neunder's Facebook page reveals that aside from Ronald Reagan worship, carrying around la chanc has become a mainstay of her campaign.

Born in Puerto Rico, Cuevas-Neunder now resides in Sarasota. She's one of a handful of other candidates that will appear on the Republican primary ballot, but seems to be doing the most campaigning. A mother of three, she previously worked in public relations.

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