The Canes Can Win Big if Donna Shalala Loosens the Reins

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Alex Izaguirre
Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke assesses the upcoming Hurricanes football season.

On Labor Day, the University of Miami Hurricanes will begin their season with a game against the Louisville Cardinals, the team that kicked the snot out of them in the Russell Athletic Bowl last December. It's a great opportunity for head coach Al Golden to set the tone for his fourth season at the helm. He has no more excuses this year. The U enters this season free of distractions. There is no longer a cloud hanging over the program because of NCAA investigations. And Golden has a stud quarterback starting with freshman Brad Kaaya.

However, the Canes have a tough schedule. They could easily go 2-8, but I believe this team can go undefeated if university president Donna Shalala loosens the screws a bit. One thing I noticed about last season is that the players were uptight during games. They played with no emotion. It seemed like the team had been told to play like Boy Scouts. That is not Miami football.

The Canes were successful in the '80s and the early '00s because those teams played on the edge, smash-mouth football with some trash-talking. I know Golden's team can play the same way. I've seen it at practice, where the players are competitive and getting in one another's faces. For some reason, that didn't happen last season.

Under Golden and his predecessor, Randy Shannon, the team has been controlled by Shalala. She wants players to comport themselves like they're attending Duke University. Canes players seem afraid to celebrate after making a big play. That's not "bringing the swagger back," as the UM commercials proclaim.

Even the atmosphere at home games is boring. It doesn't feel like a college football game. Instead of catering to the kids paying tuition, the school is more concerned with appeasing the old fogies who buy suites. The administration can start by playing the song I made for the documentary The U at home games. It has swagger.

It's time Shalala lets these boys off the leash. If that happens, there's no college team that can beat the Hurricanes.

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Luke, get off of it.  Your day has passed, and you need to accept the fact that The U has moved past you.  College football has changed since the Reagan administration.  The taunting, the stupid crap that was cute back when "The Cosby Show" was popular is stuff that will get you consistently flagged. High stepping to the end zone will now take points off the  scoreboard.  POINTS OFF OF THE BOARD.  You don't like it that our players aren't wilding out anymore? Well, no one cares what you think.  The last time I checked, you don't have to be an ignorant fool to play tough, winning football.   I guess Stanford, and other schools are doing it wrong, because they are winning tons of games and going to BCS bowls.  A player can be tough, he can be competitive without being an ignorant braggart.  Nick Saban doesn't tolerate kids who think they are bigger than the team, and Al Golden doesn't either.  That said, Golden has a very long way to go before he is even remotely close to Saban's equal, but his logic on this topic is sound. 

By the way, the reason they don't play your song at home games is that it's dull.  I love 2 Live Crew and all, but that song is irritating.  Period. 


Uncle Luke, what you said here is 1000% accurate.

HarryTheHandyman topcommenter

Lets be real here Luke: the issue here is racism.  Shalala is just trying to keep the black players down.

"The administration can start by playing the song I made for the documentary The U at home games."

How about they don't?

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