This $4.8 Million South Beach Condo Is Definitely Not a Sex Den

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There's lots of let's say interesting interior decorating choices in Miami Beach, but it's not every day we come across a home that features an honest-to-God stripper pole jutting out of its coffee table.

Today is that day thanks to Curbed, which highlights this $4.88 million condo in the Continuum in South Beach.

This may be one of the few real homes in Miami that actually looks like the interiors of that nightclub House.

But here's the kicker: the house is being sold turnkey. Meaning everything you see here -- the stripper pole, "the other side" signage in the foyer, the chesterfield benches and steps near the bathtub, the round bed -- all comes with it.

Otherwise you get a rather standard 1,791-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath condo with all the amenities of a high-end building in South Beach.

Please note that in addition to a round bed, there is a matching round mirror on the ceiling so you can, you know, watch yourself sleep. Obviously it's for the ultimate Beyoncé fan who needs to confirm that they did indeed wake up like this.

And after "sleeping," you can lounge in this jacuzzi bathtub which is directly in the bedroom.

And look! A giant mirror facing that bathtub so you can watch yourself bathe!

This half-bath actually seems rather tame.

You can see more over at Curbed.

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Ask the seller to see their million dollar in upgraded permits.

Ask the condo board if they approved million in upgrades in this unit.

Ask the county appraiser what he values this piece of junk condo as.

I would ask the local smut producers if they ever used this building as a filming location for a movie. Some of the movies shot in these condominiums are disgusting. 

Jason Applebaum
Jason Applebaum

Jesus 4.8 million for 1700sq ft condo..... talk about a fucking price hike for some shitty gimmic.

Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee

I'll take it. I'll then need Jamie and about 17 ladyboys of various ethnicity to help me move in and christen every room the way that only we know how.


not just bleach - but high pressure steam bleach washing...then rinse, later repeat!

Cary Gonzalez
Cary Gonzalez

Ridiculous, tacky, whore house decor. For $5 million, I can buy a heck of a residence which includes a heck of a lot more than just interior walls.

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