Violent International Pimp Sentenced to 27 Years in Prison

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Well, it's only Tuesday and there are already quite a few trials coming to an end in Miami courts this week.

First there was the international drug lord who got 150 years, then the delusional but smooth con man who was sentenced to five years, and now, naturally, there's the globetrotting pimp who escaped a life sentence but will still spend 27 years behind bars.

Damion St. Patrick Baston was sentenced yesterday after leaving a trail of women he had forced into prostitution across the globe and convicted of 21 charges of sex trafficking, fraud, and money laundering.

Baston denied he has done anything wrong and, according to the Miami Herald, told the judge: "I don't even know what sex trafficking is."

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Jimmy Sabatino, Notorious Con Man, Sentenced to Five Years for Screwing SoBe Hotels Out of $600,000

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Courtesy of Baby T
Jimmy Sabatino has spent most of his adult life living in fancy hotels or prison cells. For the next five years, he'll be in cell mode after spending much of last summer conning various Miami Beach hotels out of nearly $600,000.

It's just the latest in a long line of bizarre scams for the 37-year-old, whom New Times profiled last year.

"The easiest scam to pull off," Sabatino told us then, "is tell someone something they already wanted to believe."

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Los Miami Drug Lord Alvaro Lopez Tardon Sentenced to 150 Years in Prison

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Thumbnail image for Bugatti 1.jpg
Photo by Michael E. Miller
A Bugatti Veyron like the one Álvaro López Tardón bought with drug proceeds in Miami.
Fast cars. Beautiful women. And more bling than the Tower of London.

From the moment he stepped foot in this city, Álvaro López Tardón embodied Miami's reputation for risky business and mind-boggling rewards.

Yesterday he finally paid for that excess with his life -- and then some. Already found guilty of running an international drug-smuggling operation dubbed "Los Miami," López Tardón was sentenced Monday to an astonishing 150 years in prison.

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Miami Police Will Test Body Cameras on 50 Officers

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Across the nation, the August 9 shooting of unarmed teenager Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri provoked angry calls for cops to wear body cameras.

Here in South Florida, Miami-Dade and Miami Beach cops quickly announced they were on board with the idea. But the Miami Police Department, perhaps the state's most troubled agency, was silent on the issue.

Until now. Assistant chief Rodolfo Llanes tells New Times that Miami PD will begin testing body cams in the next couple of weeks.

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Fifteen People Shot at Liberty City Nightclub The Spot

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Photo by Theo Karantsalis
Fifteen people were shot at an adult nightclub in Liberty City early Sunday morning, according to Miami police. The injured range in age from age 11 to 25.

"At 1 a.m. this morning we received multiple calls for several people who were shot at Northwest Seventh Ave. and 64th Street," said Capt. Ignatius Carroll, a spokesman with Miami Fire Rescue. Carrol described the scene as "chaos."

Seven people, including two males and five females ages 12 to 17, were transported from The Spot lounge to Jackson Memorial Hospital's pediatric center, said Carroll. One male was in critical condition, as of early Sunday morning.

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Child Porn-Downloading Firefighter Gets 27 Years Behind Bars

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Alexander Rousseau, the 31-year-old former Miami firefighter and frequent charity calendar model, has been sentenced to 27 years for downloading child porn to his laptop from firehouses.

Rousseau was arrested last April after being accused of downloading hundreds of videos of prepubescent girls engaged in sexual activities on his laptop. Rousseau had been with the Miami Fire Department since 2007, and had been downloading child pornography since at least 2010.

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Here's Video of the Crazy Downtown Lexus Carjacking That Injured Seven Bystanders

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via YouTube
Valets, in the top right corner, wrestle with a carjacker in a new Lexus
On Wednesday, seven people were seriously injured in what has to be one of the craziest carjackings in Miami history. As valets at downtown's J.W. Marriott Marquis unloaded bags from a brand new Lexus, a man jumped in and plowed through cars and bystanders to escape.

This morning, police have released video of the crime. It's a bizarre scene that includes several bystanders encumbered by bulky silver balloons rushing around, valets valiantly trying to wrestled the carjacker out of the Lexus and one terrifying moment where it all goes wrong.

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Haider Zafar, Man Who Defrauded Heat Players, to Plead Guilty

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Haider Zafar had quite some balls. He defrauded Mike Miller, James Jones, and Rashard Lewis out of a combined $7.5 million in a shady investment scheme, and then turned around to use some of that money to buy season tickets to watch his victims play basketball.

Zafar was of course caught and could have been facing, at worst, more than 100 years in jail, but has agreed to plead guilty in the case.

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Miami Man Charged in Wild Lexus Carjacking That Injured Seven at Downtown Marriott

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photo by Jimmy Baikovicius via Wikimedia Commons
The downtown JW Marriott Marquis.
Just before 11 a.m. yesterday, a woman pulled up to the JW Marriott Hotel downtown in a sparkling Lexus she'd only recently driven off the dealer's lot, still decked out with paper license plates. She stepped out of the luxury ride as valets pulled her luggage from the trunk. Suddenly, a disheveled man in his 50s rushed the car, threw the woman to the ground, jumped in and gunned the engine.

Before he could escape with the Lexus, though, the carjacker barreled through guests and valets, injuring seven -- including one person critically. Police later found the wrecked Lexus abandoned and late last night arrested the perpetrator. To say he's well known to Miami police puts it mildly.

Update: Police have released video of the carjacking. Watch the tape here.

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Miami Cop Who Killed Unarmed Man Will Get $71K After Winning His Job Back

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Photo by Tim Elfrink
Sheila McNeil holds a memorial poster for her son, Travis.
Last month, an arbitration board decided that Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa was wrong to fire one of his officers for shooting and killing an unarmed man named Travis McNeil at a traffic stop. McNeil was the seventh black man killed in an eight month span by Miami police -- a spree that sparked a probe that has landed the force under a federal monitoring program.

Now, Riptide has obtained that board's decision, which lays out why Officer Reynaldo Goyos is once again a Miami police officer. The documents also show how much of Goyos' back pay taxpayers on are now the hook for: $71,696.

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