Another Cyclist Killed in Rickenbacker Causeway Hit-and-Run

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Photo by C. Stiles
A "ghost bike" hangs in memory of Christophe Le Canne in 2010.

Update: The cyclist killed this morning has been identified as Walter Reyes. His cycling partner, Henry Hernandez, is in serious condition at a local hospital. Police say the driver fled the scene but later returned, and investigators are looking into whether he was intoxicated.

For cyclists around South Florida, this morning's news feed reads like a déjà vu nightmare. This morning, yet another cyclist has been killed by yet another hit-and-run driver on the bridge linking Virginia Key, Key Biscayne, and downtown Miami.

The latest death comes just months after a statewide law went into effect stiffening penalties for drivers who flee a fatal crash. It's called the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act, and it's named for the last cyclist who lost his life to a hit-and-run driver on the Rickenbacker Causeway.

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Judge Won't Let Tony Bosch Delay His Sentencing Again For More Drug Rehab

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In just under a month, Tony Bosch is scheduled to face the music for his years selling steroids to ballplayers from his Coral Galbes clinic Biogenesis. In the meantime, though, Bosch has been trying to work through his own addiction to decidedly non-performance enhancing drugs.

Bosch lost his bail back in October after failing cocaine tests, and had previously admitted to the feds that he had a daily yeyo habit. The steroid dealer has been in rehab ever since and last week, asked the federal judge in his case for another two months of therapy before facing prison.

The judge, though, has decided Bosch has had enough time in rehab.

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North Miami Beach Police Caught Using Photos of Local Black Men for Target Practice

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via NBC6
Nationwide and in Miami, outrage over police violence against African-Americans has reached a boiling point, fueled by the lack of indictments in the Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice cases.

So it's beyond baffling why the North Miami Beach Police Department not only used photos of local black men for a recent target practice session, but that their chief also quickly defended the practice.

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Party City Murder-Suicide Attempt Leaves Estranged Wife Dead, Husband in Critical Condition

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There was a brutal scene in front a Westchester strip mall Party City last night. A man gunned down his estranged wife in the busy parking lot while the couple's 15-year-old daughter looked on. He then turned the gun on himself in an apparent suicide attack.

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Rick Scott Lied About Ousting Florida's Top Cop Over Political Fights

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For two decades, Gerald Bailey compiled a sterling reputation with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, including over the past eight years as the force's commissioner. Until last month, that is, when he abruptly and quietly left office. What happened? "He resigned," Gov. Rick Scott told reporters yesterday after confirming Bailey's replacement.

Well, not according to Florida's former top cop. ""If he said I resigned voluntarily, that is a lie," Bailey quickly countered. "If he said that, he's being totally untruthful."

In fact, evidence is mounting that Bailey was forced out over a series of clashes with Scott's political campaign, raising serious questions about interference with what's supposed to be Florida's independent police force.

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Pelican Torture: Once Again, Someone Is Slicing Open Birds and Leaving Them to Die

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Frank Schulenburg via Wikimedia Commons
The dead birds are back.

A year after a slew of brown pelicans were found in the Keys with their pouches slashed, the bizarre bird mutilations have resumed. In recent weeks, more than a dozen pelicans have been found with their gullets fatally cut.

"It's a mystery," Maya Totman, director of Florida Keys Wildlife Rescue, told the Miami Herald. "I don't know why people are doing this."

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Miami Brothers Who Started ID Theft Ring as Teens Sentenced to Prison

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Photo by Klaus with a K | WikiCommons
In Miami, identify theft starts young. Brothers Stanley and Steven Fertil, now just 20 and 19 and who started an ID theft ring more than two years ago, have been sentenced to nine and 12 years in prison respectively.

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Krishna Maharaj's Conviction Upheld, Lawyers Plan Appeal in 1986 Double Murder Case

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screencap via YouTube
Krishna Maharaj
Krishna Maharaj, the British millionaire imprisoned since 1986 for a double murder, won't be getting out any time soon.

Despite dramatic courtroom testimony from crooked cops and retired drug runners, circuit judge William Thomas shot down Maharaj's motion to overturn his conviction for killing two businessmen in a downtown hotel room.

Thomas ruled that newly presented evidence linking the killings to drug kingpin Pablo Escobar "falls dramatically short of establishing that the murders were committed by anyone other than Mr. Maharaj. Mr. Maharaj presented a very intriguing theoretical construct that unfortunately lacks a sufficient substantive evidentiary accommodation that would possibly show he is actually innocent and or otherwise entitled to the relief that he seeks."

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Miami Police Union Slams Commission for Talking Public Urination Instead of Murders

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Photo by Melkom via Wikimedia Commons
Amid a roiling national debate about police oversight, the Miami City Commission last night voted to take away Miami PD's ability to investigate its own police shootings. Instead, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will probe those deaths.

Miami's police union president didn't take the news quietly. Sgt. Javier Ortiz blasted commissioners in a two-page letter slamming them for spending more time talking about cops harassing public urinators than discussing a recent spate of murders.

"Miami cops aren't killing people," Ortiz writes. "Bad people in our community are killing our loved ones."

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Fort Lauderdale Cops Are Still Arresting Dozens for Biking While Black

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Ornan Antoine was just trying to get home. It was a rain-laced July night around midnight in 2013. The stocky, gap-toothed Haitian was pedaling down SW 28th Avenue, heading from a buddy's house to his own sea-green single-story bungalow a few blocks over in the Melrose Park section of Fort Lauderdale. Drops were crashing down; the then-49-year-old's sandal kept slipping off his wet pedals, so he hopped off to walk the black bike. He then noticed two parked Fort Lauderdale Police cars idling on the residential block.

Quickly, Antoine was hit with a question that is an all-too-familiar refrain in Fort Lauderdale's black neighborhoods: "Is that bike registered?"

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