Medical Marijuana Amendment May Be in Danger of Failing, According to Recent Polls

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Photo by Laurie Avacado via Wikimedia Commons | CC 2.0
Support for Florida's medical marijuana amendment has been riding high in polls for so long that it almost seemed like its passage would be a foregone conclusion. But a funny thing seems to have happened on the way to the ballot box.

Two new polls show that the amendment is now well below the 60 percent approval it needs to meet in order to be adopted into the state constitution.

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Coast Guard Unloading $23 Million of Seized Cocaine in Miami Beach

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via USCG
The U.S. Coast Guard will be unloading 719 kilograms of cocaine today at its station in Miami Beach. That comes with an estimated street value of about $23 million.

The coke was intercepted in the Caribbean on September 8 by Coast Guard Cutter Bear.

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Miami-Dade Police Sergeant Charged With Plying Boy With Drugs, Groping Him

James H. Edwards III, a Miami-Dade Police sergeant and 27-year veteran of the force, now finds himself behind bars. Edwards allegedly provided a 15-year-old boy with booze and drugs, groped the boy, and then masturbated in front of him. He now faces charges of lewd and lascivious conduct and exhibition.

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62-Year-Old Woman Arrested in $300,000 Marijuana Grow House Bust

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Early this morning, Miami-Dade police escorted 62-year-old Miriam Baydes and $300,000 worth of marijuana out of a Southwest Miami-Dade home.

Police were in the area before 4 a.m. conducting an unrelated investigation according to WSVN, when they smelled a strong oder of marijuana emanating from the home in the in the 14600 block of Southwest 63rd Terrace.

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Eight Marijuana Edibles Perfect for the Florida Palate

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With poll numbers showing that Floridians will likely pass a medical marijuana amendment in November, its time to start thinking long and hard about what it will look like in Florida.

For many people with illnesses, smoking medical marijuana may not be the best route. Marijuana edibles are already a booming business in states that have legalized the treatment, but often those products may not be best suited for the delicate Florida palate. Riptide cares deeply about people getting the best medical care possible, and wants to ensure that every Floridian gets the best treatment possible. As such, we've researched some ways to inject some medicinal herb into Florida's favorite foods.

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On Medical Marijuana, Debbie Wasserman Schultz Sounds Like a Republican

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Photo: Gage Skidmore | CC2.0
South Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schutlz may be chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, but when it comes to medical marijuana she sure sounds like a Republican.

Wasserman Schultz aired her "concerns" today about the ballot initiative that would legalize medical marijuana in Florida by claiming that it may be "written too broadly." Instead she favors the use of low-dose, non-smokeable THC medications to treat a more limited range of conditions.

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$3 Million Worth of Pot and Coke Seized Off of Haiti Unloaded in Miami Beach

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The U.S. Coast Guard recently unveiled some new high-tech, high-speed boats and already they're showing spoils. The coast guard cutters Charles Sexton and Paul Clark last week intercepted two drug smuggling boats in the Caribbean and seized about $3 million worth of pot and cocaine. The drugs will be offloaded today the Coast Guard's Miami Beach station.

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FIU Soccer Player Caught With Nearly Two Pounds of Weed

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via Miami Dade Corrections
Luke Bray
An officer on patrol in suburban Virginia Gardens last week noticed "the distinct and unique odor of unburnt cannabis" coming from a parked 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis. Like any good weed-smelling cop, he stopped to investigate.

In the driver's seat, he found 23-year-old Luke Bray, a redshirt senior on the 2013-14 FIU soccer team. And in the back, sitting openly in Ziploc bags, was nearly two pounds of marijuana.

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Florida Sheriffs Association Comes Out Against Medical Marijuana: #DontLetFlGoToPot

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Photo via PabloEvans' Flickr | CC2.0
Never expect a cop to be cool about a little bit of pot.

The Florida Sheriffs Association has officially taken a stance on medical marijuana. They're against it. Because you know, it's common practice for sheriffs to take stances on what kind of medical treatment people should be allowed to pursue.

They've even come up with a hashtag to go along with their campaign: #DontLetFlGotoPot. Hip, guys. Real hip. Predictably, almost no one on Twitter is using it.

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Miami Architect Sweetened Job Listing for Colorado Office with Promise of Legal Pot

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Photo via PabloEvans' Flickr | CC2.0
Max Strang is one of Miami's leading young architects. He's best known for his mid-century modern homes, and operates out of a Coconut Grove office. Though, his firm also keeps a satellite branch in a remote part of Telluride, Colorado. So last fall when he was looking to fill a position in that office he added an unusual benefit to the job listing: legalized marijuana.

No, he wasn't actually going to give the eventual job applicant some "welcome to the office" green, but the listing made clear he didn't care if you smoked on your own time.

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