Critical Mass Returns to Miami Beach Tonight as Mayor Levine Warns Police Are on Alert

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LonnyPaul via Wikimedia Commons
The Venetian Vuelta only happens a couple of times per year.
If your Friday night plan was to skip traffic and sneak across the Venetian Causeway to Miami Beach, you might reconsider. The narrow, two-lane toll road will host this month's tour de Critical Mass.

It's the first time in five months that Critical Mass will cross the causeways and maneuver its way up Miami Beach.

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Haider Zafar, Man Who Defrauded Heat Players, to Plead Guilty

Categories: Crime

Haider Zafar had quite some balls. He defrauded Mike Miller, James Jones, and Rashard Lewis out of a combined $7.5 million in a shady investment scheme, and then turned around to use some of that money to buy season tickets to watch his victims play basketball.

Zafar was of course caught and could have been facing, at worst, more than 100 years in jail, but has agreed to plead guilty in the case.

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305 Photo of the Day: Lights Tonight

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Miami-Dade Adopting New, Tougher Dog Sale Regulations

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Photo by Daniel Stockman's Flickr | CC2.0
Fido may live in your home now, but do you have any idea where your dog was born and spent her first few months of life? A new ordinance passed by the Miami-Dade County Commission aims to educate prospective owners about where their dog came from, and to place tougher regulations on dog and cat sellers and breeders within county limits.

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25 Reasons to Be Glad Miami Doesn't Have a Real Fall

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Photo by Bahman's Flickr | CC2.0
It's the first week of fall ... or autumn. We're not sure. Some people are so obsessed with this season that they've given it not one but two different names while using it as an excuse to put pumpkin spice on everything and knit mittens while drinking hot chocolate around a bonfire or some nonsense.

Seriously, people in other parts of the country go crazy for fall. We're not really sure why. That time of year in South Florida is just summer 2.0 but with the added bonus of slightly less bugs and humidity. It really wasn't hard actually to come up with 25 reasons why we're glad that we don't have a real autumn.

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Wynwood Is Getting a New Park and It Looks Like a Greenhouse

Categories: Unreal Estate

A rendering of Wynwood Greenhouse Park.
Wynwood is getting a new park, and it will look kind of like a greenhouse. The plan, for a well-manicured space with grass and trees covered by a thin, translucent structure, was the winner in an international competition sponsored by Tony Cho, CEO of Wynwood real estate firm Metro 1.

"We hope that our park will be a place where people come together with nature and art in an urban environment," the winning team, comprised of artist Jim Drain, landscape architect Roberto Rovira, and architect Nick Gelpi, said in a release, "where everyone can feel at home and where people and nature thrive together."

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Dolphins Release Gigapan of Chiefs Game So You Can See Every Miserable Face in Sun Life

Categories: Sports

via Miami Dolphins
So many sad faces.
The NFL has been slowly rolling out a cool new feature this season. At select games, a specially assigned photographer with custom gear takes hundreds of ultra-high resolution photos and then stitches them together into a panorama called a "gigapan." The idea is that fans can later zoom into their section and find themselves and their friends at the game, hopefully not at the exact moment they vomit into the stairwells.

The Dolphins have just released their gigapan. Sadly, they chose to create it at last weekend's game against the Chiefs, a nadir for the once proud franchise that was so bad Fins fans brawled with each other in the upper decks. Now you can see almost every despondent, tortured face unlucky enough to have suffered through the 34-15 shellacking in person.

See also: Dolphins Were So Bad Against Chiefs That Fins Fans Attacked One Another in the Stands

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Miami Man Charged in Wild Lexus Carjacking That Injured Seven at Downtown Marriott

Categories: Crime

photo by Jimmy Baikovicius via Wikimedia Commons
The downtown JW Marriott Marquis.
Just before 11 a.m. yesterday, a woman pulled up to the JW Marriott Hotel downtown in a sparkling Lexus she'd only recently driven off the dealer's lot, still decked out with paper license plates. She stepped out of the luxury ride as valets pulled her luggage from the trunk. Suddenly, a disheveled man in his 50s rushed the car, threw the woman to the ground, jumped in and gunned the engine.

Before he could escape with the Lexus, though, the carjacker barreled through guests and valets, injuring seven -- including one person critically. Police later found the wrecked Lexus abandoned and late last night arrested the perpetrator. To say he's well known to Miami police puts it mildly.

Update: Police have released video of the carjacking. Watch the tape here.

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305 Photo of the Day: Utility and Luxury

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John Thrasher, Rick Scott's Campaign Chair, Picked as FSU's Next President: Here's Why People Are Angry

Categories: Education

Photo by Ayzmo | Wikicommons CC3.0
John Thrasher has held a lot of positions in his life: speaker of the Florida House, chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, lobbyist, chairman of Rick Scott's reelection campaign, and current state senator.

Yesterday the Florida State University Board of Trustees voted 11-2 to appoint Thrasher as the 15th president of the school. Once the state university system's board of governors approves the choice (generally seen as a formality), the 70-year-old Thrasher will resign from the senate and Scott's campaign to take over the president's office.

Supporters see him as a proven leader whose connections to Florida power will help the school raise the money that will return it to academic prominence.

Others see Thrasher as a Republican good ol' boy who is trading in his connections for a cushy job for which he has no experience.

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Jeb Bush Sure Is Acting Like a Guy About to Run For President

Categories: Politicks

As his hometown presidential hopeful Marco Rubio fumbles for a coherent response to ISIS and his state's attentions have been riveted to the Charlie Crist-Rick Scott slugfest, Jeb Bush has mostly kept his head low in Coral Gables. But if Dubya's hermano isn't 100 percent running for president just yet, he's sure starting to act like a guy on the brink of declaring.

Just this week, Bush has headlined a heavy hitter GOP fundraiser in Tampa and announced plans to visit several key primary states. CNBC, meanwhile, talked to his inner circle and reports today that "Bush is almost certain to run."

See also: Jeb Bush Is "Thinking About" Presidential Run but Might Have Too Many Shady Business Ties

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Are the Dolphins Cursed? The Case for the "Curse of the Tequesta"

Categories: Sports

Wiki Commons
County officials check out the interior of the stadium April 24, 1987.
Times are tough for the Miami Dolphins. No matter what they do, nothing seems to go their way. Year after year, high hopes turn into epic disappointments. Now, with coach Joe Philbin in the hot seat and Ryan Tannehill's tenure as the Dolphins starting quarterback tenuous at best, the team seems to be on the brink of rebuilding once again. It's a vicious circle with which Dolphins fans have become all too familiar.

It's as if the Miami Dolphins are cursed. Actually, that explanation might not be as crazy as you think. The answer to why the Dolphins have gone from a perennial contender to an annual disappointment may have been right under our noses the entire time. Enter the Curse of the Tequesta.

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Miami Cop Who Killed Unarmed Man Will Get $71K After Winning His Job Back

Categories: Crime

Photo by Tim Elfrink
Sheila McNeil holds a memorial poster for her son, Travis.
Last month, an arbitration board decided that Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa was wrong to fire one of his officers for shooting and killing an unarmed man named Travis McNeil at a traffic stop. McNeil was the seventh black man killed in an eight month span by Miami police -- a spree that sparked a probe that has landed the force under a federal monitoring program.

Now, Riptide has obtained that board's decision, which lays out why Officer Reynaldo Goyos is once again a Miami police officer. The documents also show how much of Goyos' back pay taxpayers on are now the hook for: $71,696.

See also: Amid Ferguson Conflict, Activists Decry Miami Cop Rehired After Killing Travis McNeil

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Miami Has the Second Most "Engaged" Workers in America

Categories: Business

Photo by Calita Kabar's Flickr | CC2.0
Stereotypes be damned, a new analysis has found that the Miami metro area has the second most engaged workforce in America, and no that doesn't explain why everyone at your work place has a fiancé but you.

The analysis from Quantum Workplace (a company that sells software meant to drive employee engagement, so keep in mind this isn't an independent analysis) defines employee engagement through three factors: preach, plan and pursuit. Or otherwise whether employees speak highly of their workplace, plan to keep pursuing their career at their current workplace and have a willingness to put forth extra effort.

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Miami Market Owner Arrested for Stealing Customer's Winning Lotto Ticket

Categories: Crime

Yesterday we wondered if there was any scam that Miamians don't excel at? Well, it turns out you can't even buy a lottery ticket in this town without running the risk of getting massively ripped off by a shady business owner (well, more than the lottery usually rips you off).

Silvia C. Calleja, an owner of a local market, was arrested after allegedly telling a customer that her winning lottery ticket was a dud despite being a winner and then giving the ticket to her husband to cash.

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305 Photo of the Day: Ring of Life

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Three-Breasted Woman Jasmine Tridevil Is This Generation's Greatest Feminist Performance Artist

Categories: WTF Florida

Is "three-breasted" woman Jasmine Tridevil a troubled soul? A fame-hungry schemer? The most brilliant American performance artist in years? Sometimes it's best not to search too hard for a label and simply appreciate something for all of its possibilities.

Whatever the case, the internet has largely reversed course since yesterday and decided that Tridevil's alleged surgically attached third breast is probably fake, but our fascination with it certainly isn't.

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Rick Scott Meets Vanilla Ice, but Fails to Get His Coveted Endorsement

Categories: Politicks

Florida's heated gubernatorial race could use some chilling out, and there's nothing cooler than Vanilla Ice. Am I right, kids?

Well Rick Scott recently met Florida's greatest white rapper, but Mr. Ice was quick to point out that the meeting did not equal an endorsement.

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New Coral Gables City Manager Ousted After Less Than a Week Over Background Check Concerns

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City of Coral Gables
Jim Beard has stepped down less than a week after being appointed
Coral Gables's new city manager has stepped down less than a week into his new job. Last Tuesday, city commissioners unanimously voted to appoint Jim Beard to the post. But problems unearthed during a background check appear to have scuppered the appointment.

"Mr. Beard has withdrawn his name from consideration," city spokeswoman Maria Rosa Higgins Fallon confirmed to Riptide. "His nomination was pending salary negotiation and background check."

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Should Biscayne National Park Limit Fishing To Save Coral Reefs?

Categories: Flotsam

Photo from

Biscayne National Park isn't just one of South Florida's crown natural jewels, its pristine waters are also a favorite of fisherman around the world. But decades of pollution and overfishing have wreaked havoc on the park's reef fish and coral habitats.

Now the park is proposing a drastic change to fix the problem -- banning all fishing in one section of the park. It's an idea that's stirred fervent opposition from fishing groups, but park officials say it's still on the table.

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