Miami-Dade's New High School Steroid Testing Plan Is a Joke

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Tony Bosch has admitted to selling steroids to at least 18 high school athletes in Miami.
Two weeks ago, Biogenesis clinic founder Tony Bosch and six others were indicted and charged with, among other things, selling steroids to at least 18 local high school athletes. The very next day, Miami-Dade County Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho announced with a flourish a new pilot program to drug test for local high school athletes.

Too bad the new rules are a farce unlikely to cause any kind of change. The reason: The county has allocated a comically tiny $73,000 for the program. Even the best-funded high school -testing of performance-enhancing drugs is counterproductive, some advocates say, because the easy-to-beat screenings obscure the number of kids actually using.

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Ten Signs You're a Veteran Dolphins Fan

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Here we go again, Dolphins fans, another season is upon us and you know what that means! Probably pain and suffering! But maybe not! Woo-hooo!?

Outsiders love to poke fun at Miami Marlins crowds and Miami Heat fans that arrive late, but few dare question Miami Dolphins fans loyalty. Dolphins fans are exempt from that narrative for good reason. Before the Miami Heat came around in 1988 the Dolphins were all this town had, so it makes sense that the fandom runs deeper, and their fans get the benefit of the doubt.

So how do you know if you're seasoned tried and true old school Miami Dolphins fan? Let's find out.

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Deep Dredge Silt Is Killing Our Coral After All, Admit State Inspectors

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DEP divers examine coral crushed by improperly placed dredge waste.
For years, Deep Dredge proponents have promised that the $220 million project wouldn't kill off Biscayne Bay wildlife. Coral would be removed from harm's way, they claimed, and water quality would be closely monitored.

Like the massive dredge barges themselves, however, those promises appear to be full of crap.

State inspectors released a study Monday showing that silt from the dredge has already killed many corals and had "profound" and "long-lasting" ecological effects on Biscayne Bay.

See also: Deep Dredge Critics Use Drones, Planes, and Satellites to Show Damage to Biscayne Bay

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Transformer Explosion Rocks South Beach, Shuts Down EspaƱola Way

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Photo by Michael E. Miller
Police shut down Pennsylvania Avenue after the blast.
A transformer has apparently exploded in the heart of South Beach, rattlings windows, shutting off power for blocks and partially closing nearby EspaƱola Way. Details are still sparse but the explosion happened around 6:30 p.m. and police have since surrounded the scene and shut down pedestrian access to the area.

"It felt like it was about to blow my bedroom window out," said a shirtless man in shorts and flip flops who lives in the building next door and who declined to give his name.

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ISIS Beheads Journalist, Threatens to Kill Miami Reporter if Obama Continues Attacks

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Steven Sotloff, a UCF graduate, appears to have been taken hostage by the terrorist group ISIS.
Terrorists have just released a video that appears to show them beheading missing American journalist James Foley.

The video, apparently released by insurgent group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also shows a man described as local freelance reporter Steven Sotloff.

Sotloff is a University of Central Florida alumnus who grew up in Miami. In the video, his hands are cuffed behind his back and he's dressed in a bright-orange jumpsuit. A man with a knife threatens to kill him unless President Barack Obama calls off American airstrikes against ISIS.

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305 Photo of the Day: Flap

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David Rivera Finally Named a Co-Conspirator as "Conservative Bad Girl" Pleads Guilty

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The law came a little closer today to catching up with former congressman David Rivera.

Ana Sol Alliegro, Rivera's longtime confidante and self-described "conservative bad girl," has now decided to plead guilty to several charges to avoid trial next week. According to several reports, Alliegro and Rivera secretly conspired to fund and run a campaign for a ringer candidate, Justin Lamar Sternad, in the primary against Rivera's Democratic rival, Joe Garcia.

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Key Biscayne Tennis Tournament Changes Name as Crandon Park Expansion Remains Tied Up in Court

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Photo: Alex Lee | CC2.0 | WikiCommons
Bye-bye, Sony. The tennis tournament on Key Biscayne has a different, slightly less commercialized name and a new sponsor.

The tournament will now be known as the Miami Open Presented by Itau. Not sure what Itau is? It's one of Brazil's largest banks, naturally, which only makes sense considering the continued influx of Brazilian billions into Miami in recent years.

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Same-Sex Marriage Could Give $182.2 Million Boost to Florida's Economy

Florida's ban on same-sex marriage is chiefly a civil rights issue, but it's also an economic issue.

A new analysis by the UCLA School of Law's William Institute estimates Florida could see a $182.2 million boost to its economy if gay marriage were legalized -- and that's just in the first three years alone. That translates to roughly $12.2 million in taxes for the state and local governments.

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Mayor Philip Levine Invites Residents to Visit Israel's Missile Defense Manufacturers

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Photo uploaded by Matanya via Wikimedia Commons
An upcoming Miami Beach business trip will include a visit to the manufacturer of the Iron Dome missile defense system, above.
A month and a half after Israel launched "Operation Protective Edge" in response to Hamas rockets -- a military conflict that has now resulted in more than 2,000 Palestinian deaths and 67 Israeli casualties -- Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine announced plans for a fall business trip. To Israel. And he'd like you to tag along.

"I would like to invite you to join me... on the trip of a lifetime to Israel to learn about Israeli economic successes and interesting business opportunities," the mayor wrote in an email sent to Beach residents yesterday.

Levine isn't exactly shying away from the conflict, either. The itinerary includes a trip to the business that built Israel's "Iron Dome" missile defense system.

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Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall Has Become School Board Royalty

Categories: Luke's Gospel

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for lukescartoon.JPG
Alex Izaguirre
Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke praises a longtime public servant.

With the primary election set for August 26, there's a local politician who doesn't have to worry being voted out office. In June, Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall was one of two Miami-Dade County School Board members automatically re-elected when no one filed to run against them. (Raquel Regalado, daughter of Miami's Mayor, was the other.)

Candidates in the African-American community don't want to waste their time running against Bendross-Mindingall.

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Trayvon Martin's Mom to Michael Brown's Parents: "We Will No Longer Be Ignored"

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photo via @RayDown's Twitter
Protesters clash with police yesterday in Ferguson.
After another night of chaos in Ferguson, Missouri -- with 31 arrests and reports this morning of multiple shootings -- the nation seems no closer to coming to terms with the latest police killing of an unarmed black teenager. It wasn't that long ago that the national media had converged on Florida for the same reason, when an unarmed Miami teen named Trayvon Martin was gunned down by a wannabe neighborhood watchman.

This morning, Martin's mom, Miami resident Sybrina Fulton, has penned a wrenching letter in Time to the parents of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old whose death has sparked the Ferguson unrest. Fulton has a simple message for the Browns about their sons: "Neither of their lives shall be in vain."

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305 Photo of the Day: Mac's

Ferguson and Trayvon Prove America Is No Democracy for Blacks

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for lukescartoon.JPG
Alex Izaguirre
Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. Today, Luke addresses the clash between residents and cops in Ferguson, Missouri.

The protests and riots in Ferguson, Missouri, are providing proof that the U.S. government sanctions racial injustice in this country while denouncing it abroad. The federal government spends trillions of dollars so we can be the world's peacekeepers. We start wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of freedom. We help rebel groups oust dictators and oppressors like Muammar Gaddafi and the Taliban. We send drones and warplanes to bomb Islamic rebels in Iraq and Syria who are killing Christians. And we place sanctions on Iran for putting protesters in jail.

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Geographically Challenged Biker Wreaks Havoc in Key Largo on a Purple Motorcycle UPDATED

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photo by Elmschrat via Wikimedia Commons
Wednesday evening, a cop in Key Largo saw two motorcycles whiz by on Overseas Highway at more than 100 mph. The cop, Dep. Brian Cross, decided it was too dangerous to pursue the two bikes, so he radioed an alert instead. Half an hour later, one of the motorcyclists attracted attention again -- by crashing his purple bike through a gate at the Ocean Reef Club, an exclusive Key Largo community with its own airport and golf course.

According to police reports, Jorge Gabrie, the 27-year-old driver of the purple motorcycle, pulled up to the community gate and was told by a security guard that he wasn't allowed to enter the property.

Then Gabrie said, "Fuck this -- I'm going home," and drove through anyway, breaking off part of the gate.

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Scott Leads Crist by Six Points in Latest Poll

Leave it to Florida Democrats to somehow screw up a race that less than a year ago seemed impossible to lose.

According to the latest poll released by the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Rick Scott leads Charlie Crist by 3 points in a head-to-head match up. That lead increases to six points when Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie is added to the mix.

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Miami International Airport Was an Epic Catastrophe Last Night

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photo via @cherlybolen's Twitter
Crowds wait at MIA last night.
Considering that lightning-filled monsoons sweep across Dade County every afternoon this time of year, waiting out weather delays at Miami International Airport is par for the course. The morass travelers encountered last night at MIA, though, was anything but typical.

A double-whammy of busted computers and broken runway lights left thousands trapped at the airport and fuming on Twitter about the delays.

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Florida Has the Second Fewest Native Residents of Any State

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via NY Times
If you live in Florida, there's only a little more than a one-in-three chance you were born in this state. In fact, Florida has the second-lowest rate of population made up by native-born residents of that state in the entire nation.

Perhaps it's not necessarily shocking to Miamians, but a series of maps published by the New York Times last week reminded us it's something worth talking about every once in a while.

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At Miami's New Science Museum, You Will Literally Be Able to Jump the Shark(s)

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Michael E. Miller
A view of the science museum's central 500,000-gallon aquarium, which will be filled with sharks and (maybe) topped with a zipline. View more photos of the science museum's construction.
From high above Biscayne Boulevard, Frank Steslow peers down into what looks like the world's largest punch bowl. Grown men crawl like insects inside the massive martini-glass-shaped structure. Rebar pokes out at odd angles. Construction cranes swirl. Concrete settles into place.

Steslow is showing off his baby: the brand-new, half-built Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science. As chief operating officer, Steslow knows more about this place than anyone. The punch bowl, for instance, is actually a 500,000-gallon aquarium that will be filled with sharks and other large marine animals, he explains. Naturally, the 10-year-old boy trapped inside this New Times reporter's body can't help but ask: Will visitors really be able to dangle themselves above the open shark pit?

"Gillian keeps talking about that," Steslow says with an uncomfortable smile, referring to the science museum's president, Gillian Thomas. "We are exploring whether or not there is an opportunity to have a zipline over the tank."

One thing is immediately clear here: This is not your childhood science museum.

See also: Photos of the construction at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science

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This $4.8 Million South Beach Condo Is Definitely Not a Sex Den

Categories: Unreal Estate

There's lots of let's say interesting interior decorating choices in Miami Beach, but it's not every day we come across a home that features an honest-to-God stripper pole jutting out of its coffee table.

Today is that day thanks to Curbed, which highlights this $4.88 million condo in the Continuum in South Beach.

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