Alexandra Villoch Becomes Miami Herald's First Female President and Publisher

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The ceiling at Miami Herald's former headquarters isn't the only one being demolished. Alexandra Villoch has been named the new publisher and president of the Herald -- the first time a woman has ever held the position.

With Mindy Marques Gonzalez as executive editor, the Herald becomes not only one of the few papers with both a female editor and publisher, but also the first major American newspaper with both those positions filled by Latina women.

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TMZ Calls Out Miami Beach Police For Bieber Obsession in Weird Moment of Hypocrisy

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When it comes to journalism TMZ is a master at getting a juicy scoop and jokers at just about everything else.

Today Miami Beach Police released the first video of Justin Bieber taking a urine test. It's from a weird angle where you can barely make out whats happening. TMZ of course promptly wrote it up, and then in a moment of bizarre dissonance chided MBPD for turning into the Bieber arrest into a reality show.

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Media Gets Shirtless Jail Pics of Justin Bieber; Will Fight for Peeing Video Today in Court

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The Miami Beach Police Department today released photos that officers took to document Justin Bieber's various tattoos, which include pictures of the popstar shirtless (because lord knows no one has ever seen that before). The release came just hours after a hearing was set in Miami-Dade Court to decide whether videos of Bieber providing a urine sample will be released as well.

Never have we had such conflicting feelings of "Hell yeah! Freedom of the press!" and "But, wait this is kind of icky and silly" before.

Update: A Miami-Dade judge ruled that indeed the media will get its hand on the video of Bieber providing a urine sample in the coming days. However, images of his penis will be censored.

"He has not lost his expectation of dignity, and that's what's most important here," he said.

Whether or not anyone else lost their dignity by fighting for this video is up to you to decide.

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Lawyers Argued All About Justin Bieber's Penis in Miami Court Today

Thumbnail image for bieber-mug.jpg
A Miami-Dade judge tried to get the long and short of whether or not images of Justin Bieber's Bieber-hood should be released to the media today.

Lawyers for outlets including the Miami Herald, the Sun-Sentinel, the Associated Press, and CNN argued that under Florida law, surveillance footage of Justin Bieber in a Miami Beach police station last month following his DUI arrest should be made public. Bieber's attorneys however believe that because of Bieber's right to privacy certain portions of those tapes, including images of Bieber peeing into a cup for a drug test, should be withheld.

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The Miami Herald Really Wants to See Video of Justin Bieber Peeing at a Police Station

In one corner we have the media and Florida's notoriously progressive open record laws. In the other we have diminutive pop mischief maker Justin Bieber.

The media, of course, had a field day when Bieber was arrested last month for supposedly drag racing while high down a Miami Beach residential street, but they haven't had enough of him yet. They want more video. Specifically video of Bieber in custody, which the Miami Herald's attorney says should be made public. However, the Bieb's defense team has filed an injection hoping to block the release of any more video.

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Miami Springs Reporter Shares Wife in Sex Scandal, Judge Bans Him From Beat (NSFW)

Courtesy of Wally Clark
Straight out of the romance novel section of Barnes & Noble, no?
Wally Clark swears it was a million-dollar idea. The bespectacled man with big ears, a bald head, and a trim figure scrolls through the 10,000 pornographic snapshots he took of his wife cavorting with his best friend. Sure, Clark had nudged the two of them together — but it was only supposed to be so they could all get rich peddling erotic images. His wife and his buddy weren't supposed to run off together.

On a recent Thursday, inside a one-bedroom bachelor pad cluttered with papers, the six-foot-two Hialeah High graduate is revisiting what he calls the happiest five years of his life. A photography studio occupies a back room, and a flame-painted PT Cruiser sits in the driveway. "My wife was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen," he says with a wistful glint in his paralyzed left eye, "until she became a professional liar."

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WLRN Exec Makes $400,000 While On-Air Employees Face Cutbacks

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Chris Engelsma via Wikimedia Commons
These are trying times at WLRN. All media companies are struggling to shake off the death grip of declining ad revenue (New Times being no exception). The past year has been particularly turbulent for South Florida's award-winning public radio station, however. WLRN's best-known host, Phil Latzman, was canned in mid-July. A week earlier, news director Dan Grech was fired. And, as New Times reported last month, Miami-Dade County Public Schools slashed the hours of WLRN part-timers to avoid paying for their health care.

But amid all this turmoil, one side of the station is booming: its fundraiser.

See also: Miami-Dade Public Schools and WLRN Make Serious Cuts, Supposedly Because of Obamacare

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Dan Le Batard Gave His Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot to Deadspin

Nothing gets a certain segment of baseball enthusiasts more heated than the voting process for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Not being baseball enthusiasts ourselves (we grew up with the Marlins, after all), we don't fully understand it, but it seems like a pretty touchy subject.

Anyway, to protest the selection process, this year Deadspin announced a plan to buy the ballot of any Hall of Fame voter and turn it over to its readers. Someone took the bait, and today Deadspin announced that person was none other than the Miami Herald's Dan Le Batard.

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Breaking News: Zoo Miami Elephant Unable to Poop

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"Also posing a medical concern to the zoo: the status of Maude, an Asian elephant unable to move her bowels." -- an actual sentence in a Miami Herald story that comes with the partial headlines "elephant severely constipated."

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Libertarian Columnist Wonders if Jonathan Martin Is Gay; Blames Obama

Well, we've found it. The worst professionally written piece about the Dolphins' Richie Incognito mess has been identified. Congratulations to the OC Register's "libertarian humorist" Ron Hart for penning a column that is all at once racist, sexist, completely stupid, and manages to both wonder if Jonathan Martin is gay and, of course, takes a pot shot at President Obama.

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