Florida Charges Children as Adults More Than Any Other State

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Children may be the future, but Florida is putting its future behind bars. A new report from the Human Rights Watch blasts the state for charging children as adults more than any other state in the nation, and says that far too often, the decision is arbitrary.

Florida law allows prosecutors sole discretion over whether to charge a minor as an adult, and not even a judge can overturn the decision. The report claims this practice has led to an unusually large number of Florida's children being treated as adults in the criminal justice system.

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Ex-Gulliver Prep Headmaster Loses $80K Settlement Because Teen Daughter Bragged About It on Facebook

Patrick Snay was headmaster at Gulliver Preparatory until 2010 when the school declined to renew his contract. He successfully sued for age discrimination and won $10,000 in back wages along with a nice $80,000 settlement. However the deal included a confidentiality agreement.

Unfortunately for Snay, he told his teenage daughter about the settlement and then she promptly bragged about it on Facebook. Now a court has ruled that the school no longer has to pay the $80,000.

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Lawyers Argued All About Justin Bieber's Penis in Miami Court Today

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A Miami-Dade judge tried to get the long and short of whether or not images of Justin Bieber's Bieber-hood should be released to the media today.

Lawyers for outlets including the Miami Herald, the Sun-Sentinel, the Associated Press, and CNN argued that under Florida law, surveillance footage of Justin Bieber in a Miami Beach police station last month following his DUI arrest should be made public. Bieber's attorneys however believe that because of Bieber's right to privacy certain portions of those tapes, including images of Bieber peeing into a cup for a drug test, should be withheld.

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Did Justin Bieber Get Special Treatment?

Anyone who watched video of Justin Bieber's court appearance yesterday probably heard the judge note that it was the first case of the afternoon and Bieber's attorney then thanked the judge for "hearing us right away." There was little doubt Bieber received special treatment, but defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh was shocked at how fast the process worked for the troubled teen star. He notes on his blog that he's never heard of any other celebrity getting such treatment.

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$100 Million Wrongful Death Suit Against Fontainebleau Owner Jeffrey Soffer Dropped

A $100 million wrongful death lawsuit filed against Fontainebleau Hotel owner and Elle Macpherson's husband, Jeffrey Soffer, has been dropped.

The suit, filed by the widow of Soffer's longtime friend, attorney Lance Valdez, claimed Soffer was responsible for the 2012 helicopter crash that killed Valdez.

See also: Miley Cyrus, Dubai Royalty Abandon Fontainebleau; Soffer Family Moves Back In

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Hooters Suing Florida Escort Service For Suggesting Its Waitresses are Hookers

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We all know Hooters' trademark waitress uniforms are designed with aerodynamic and performance issues in mind to ensure that your wings are served in the most efficient way possible. Nothing imprudent going on there.

So now Hooters is suing a Florida escort service that decided to use the slang "Hooters girls" as a slang for escorts in a Craigslist ad.

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Is Jeffrey Norkin Florida's Most Obnoxious Lawyer? The State Supreme Court Seems to Think So

The Florida Supreme Court
It takes a special level of lawyerly obnoxiousness to get a Miami-Dade circuit judge to declare, "Oh my God, I'm done. Goodbye. Not doing this," in the middle of a hearing. That very level of obnoxiousness has gotten South Florida lawyer Jeffrey Norkin suspended by the Florida Supreme Court for a very heavy-handed two years.

In fact, the Supremes found Norkin's in-court antics so severely unprofessional they had no problem using this ruling as a very public and dramatic warning to other Florida attorneys to be more civil. They declared that "his unprofessional conduct is an embarrassment to all members of the Florida Bar" and warned other lawyers to study the decision as a "glaring example of unprofessional behavior."

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George Zimmerman Hires Miami Attorney Who Thinks He's a Racist

George Zimmerman has found a new attorney in media-hungry, Miami-based super lawyer Jayne Weintraub. Interestingly, Weintraub, who is a regular talking head on TV news, had previously called Zimmerman a "racist," a "wannabe cop," and called Stand Your Ground a "stupid law."

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Mike Miller Might Sue Miami Heat Over Con Man

Mike Miller was one of three Heat players to get swindled by con man Haider Zafar, and now he's considering suiting the team for responsibility. The suit is drawn up according to The Herald, but Miller hasn't officially filed it yet. In the suit Miller would seek $1.7 million, the exact amount he lost to Zafar, because a team employee introduced him to the shady business man.

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Opening Statement in Sean Taylor Murder: Suspect Wanted to "Score Some Easy Cash"

After several delays, Eric Rivera, one of Sean Taylor's alleged killed finally faces trial starting today. In the opening statements, prosecutors painted Rivera as an incompetent criminal whose plans with four friends to "score some easy cash" by burgling Taylor's home went awry when they found the former Miami Hurricane and NFL all star at home.

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