Bill Would Ban Gay Conversion Therapy for Teens in Florida

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There's no such thing as an ex-gay, just people with a whole lot of issues. Any efforts to try to change a person's sexual orientation have been proven to be dangerous quackery.

Well, Rep. David Richardson (D-Miami Beach), has introduced a bill in the Florida house that would ban gay conversation therapy. Though, he doesn't expect it to get passed, as this is Florida after all.

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Florida Same-Sex Couples Will Likely Be Able To Marry on January 6

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Same-sex marriages are likely to start in the Sunshine State on January 6. That is thanks to an 11th Circuit Court of Appeals decision today denying the state's motion to extend U.S. Federal Judge Robert Hinkle's stay on his summertime ruling that held Florida's ban on gay marriage to be unconstitutional.

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Miami-Dade Passes Transgender Inclusive Human Rights Ordinance

Anita Bryant's legacy continues to get pied.
More than 35 years after Anita Bryant's crusade to have gays and lesbians denied basic rights in Miami-Dade and following a more recent political battle that saw a once powerful county commissioner defeated earlier this year, the county's Human Rights Ordinance now finally protects citizens on the basis of gender identity.

The historic vote came last night after four hours of intense public discourse and debate, and the ordinance was ultimately passed 8-3.

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Gay Couple Sues Florida DMV for Refusing to Issue Driver's Licenses With Their Married Name

A gay couple who married out of state and had their names changed accordingly are suing after the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles revoked their driver's licenses that included the new last name.

Daniel DeSousa and Scott Wall traveled to New York last year to tie the knot and decided to change their last names to Wall-DeSousa. They did so through the Social Security Administration and had no trouble at the federal level. However, they ran into problems when they tried to have the name change recognized by the State of Florida.

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Miami Bishop to Obama: "Stop Being a Sodomite"

Episcopalian Bishop Leopold Frade had some strong words for President Obama last week: "I am asking President Obama to stop being a sodomite!"

Now, before jumping to conclusions, know that Episcopalians are totally down with the gays, and in 2012 Frade personally authorized the church's first recognition of gay marriage in South Florida.

Frade's remarks had nothing to do with homosexuality, but rather immigration.

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Miami Beach Tops Nation in LGBT Equality Report, Hialeah Not So Much

It was a historic day for equal rights in Miami-Dade yesterday, as the county commission moved one step closer to adding transgendered residents to anti-discrimination laws. But it's the city across Biscayne Bay from County Hall that took home the area's highest honors for LGBT equality in the latest national survey from the Human Rights Campaign.

Miami Beach earned a perfect score from the advocacy group. Other South Florida towns -- especially Hialeah -- didn't fare quite so well.

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Gay Marriage Cases Won't Jump Directly to Florida Supreme Court

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The fate of Florida's gay marriage ban won't jump directly to Florida's Supreme Court. The Third District Court of Appeal denied Attorney General Pam Bondi's request to have the case bypass the lower courts and has decided to rule on the matter itself.

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Gay Rights Battle Heats Up in Doral With Mysterious Fliers, Public Hearing Tonight

Last month, when the City Council of Doral unanimously approved a plan to extend benefits to domestic partners of city employees -- becoming the seventh Miami-Dade County to do so -- the move was hailed by activists and city leaders.

But the council's decision has also sparked strong opposition. In the last few weeks, mailers have been bombarding the city excoriating the benefits plan and urging protest. "Marriage benefits = Married employees only! the fliers read. "The Doral City Council wants to force YOU to pay with your money for "marriage" benefits to all "domestic partners."

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What the Supreme Court's Move on Gay Marriage Means for Florida

It seems a bit strange that gay couples in Moab, Utah; and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, are now free to marry, while LGBT citizens in gay meccas like South Beach, Wilton Manors, and Key West are still forbidden to even enter a civil union. But the path toward progress doesn't always make sense.

Though the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to turn away multiple gay marriage cases without comment this morning doesn't directly effect Florida, it makes Attorney General Pam Bondi's quest to keep Florida's gay marriage ban in place look like a fool's errand.

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Miami-Dade County Commission Likely To Advance Transgender Protections Today

In Miami-Dade, transgender residents today have zero legal protection against being fired or discriminated against by their county government. That incredible fact remains true in 2014 largely because of one county commissioner and one conservative group hell-bent on keeping that basic human protection off the books.

Well, with that right-wing commissioner -- Lynda Bell -- now on the way out of County Hall after an electoral defeat last month, the County Commission will try again today to get the ball rolling on a transgender protection clause.

Update: The commission passed the transgendered protection this afternoon. It will now head to committee for a second vote.

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