Latrice Royale Isn't a Business Queen, She's a Business, Queen

Photo by George Martinez/
Latrice Royale at Miami Beach Pride
It's safe to say there's a lot that sets cult hit RuPaul's Drag Race apart from other reality competition shows -- not the least of which is that many of its former contestants remain relevant. South Florida's own Latrice Royale is no exception. She has toured the globe, with stops in the United Kingdom, Italy, Amsterdam, Australia, South Africa, and, next week, Brazil since appearing on the show three years ago and earning the Miss Congeniality crown.

But Royale, whose civilian name is Timothy Wilcots, isn't content with just lip-synching for her life. She has turned executive realness into executive reality and is busy producing a documentary with Logo, running a talent management firm with a 40-person roster, and putting together the Miss South Florida Pride Pageant.

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Florida Supreme Court to Decide Whether Gay Sex Counts as Sex

Photo by Jastrow | WikiCommons, CC2.0
Not an accurate depiction of gay sex.
Under Florida law, sex is technically considered sex only when it involves a consenting p in a consenting v. The only legal definition the state has for "sexual intercourse" goes on to specify that "emission of semen is not required" -- in case you were wondering. Oral and anal sex, regardless of the genders involved, is referred to as "deviate sexual intercourse," because Florida law is prudish like that.

Well, this year the Florida Supreme Court will seek to clarify whether sex between two men is legally considered sex.

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Republican Files Bill to Ban Transgender People From Florida Bathrooms

Courtesy of Florida House of Representatives
Rep. Frank Artiles
Just months after Miami-Dade County made history by amending its Human Rights Ordinance to include basic protections for transgender citizens, a Miami Republican has filed a bill in the Florida House that would ban transgender people across the state from their preferred public bathrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms, forcing them to use the facilities reserved for the sex with which they were assigned at birth.

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Reminder: People Can Still Be Fired in Florida Simply For Being Gay

Photo by QuickMeme
Same sex marriage is now legal in Florida, but that doesn't mean the state is now a haven for gay rights. In fact, it's still perfectly legal for an employee to fire someone simply for being gay in the state unless there are local protections in place.

Now a bill has been filed that would protect LGBT citizens from employment discrimination in every corner of the state.

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Archbishop Wenski Hints He'd Discipline Any Catholic Employee for Supporting Gay Marriage

Photo by Michae McElroy
Archbishop Thomas Wenski says he'll discipline any employee of the Archdiocese of Miami for supporting gay marriage.
While most of Florida was celebrating Tuesday's arrival of gay marriage, Archbishop Thomas Wenski was busy drafting a memo reminding all employees of the Archdiocese of Miami that they could be disciplined for publicly supporting gay marriage.

"Whatever the role in which you serve within the Archdiocese, you publicly represent the Catholic Church and the Archdiocese in everything you do and say," Wenski wrote in his memo. "Therefore, it is important that you understand the Church's position and are well informed."

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Your Guide to the Perfect Miami Gay Wedding

Photo by George Martinez
This couple renewed their vows at a huge group ceremony in Miami Beach this week.
Gay marriage has been legal in Miami-Dade for three whole days, and hundreds of couples have already tied the knot at the courthouse or in mass weddings like a gathering at Miami Beach Botanical Garden. Of course, many others are waiting to have their storybook shindig, complete with all the trimmings. Plus don't forget the out-of-state couples who can finally plan a legitimate destination wedding in South Florida.

These affairs will undoubtedly be as diverse as Miami-Dade's LGBT population, but just in case you wanted a few extra-Miami touches to your holy union, here's our guide to the perfect gay wedding in the Magic City.

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Video: Hundreds of Same-Sex Couples Gather in Miami Beach to Renew Vows

For months, gay-marriage activists had circled January 6 as the date when Florida's ban would finally fall. That's when a stay striking down the gay-marriage ban was set to expire, empowering clerks around Florida to begin issuing licenses.

Well, Miami-Dade jumped the gun and start issuing licenses Monday instead, setting off a statewide celebration and dozens of local marriages. But even if yesterday wasn't the official end of the gay-marriage ban, it still marked a hell of a party for hundreds of same-sex couples who gathered in Miami Beach for a mass renewal of vows.

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Pam Bondi Not Sure What Her Next Move on Gay Marriage Is

Thumbnail image for pamBondi.jpg
While Attorney General Pam Bondi is really good at ending her own marriage, she isn't sure what she's going to do next to try and end gay marriage in Florida.

Bondi tried to keep a low profile during today's inauguration festivities, but she couldn't skip her own swearing in and remained vague about the subject.

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Meet Florida's First Married Same-Sex Couples Who Tied the Knot Yesterday in Miami

Photo credit: Jonathan Kendall
Catherina Pareto kisses Karla Arguello the moment Judge Sarah Zabel finalizes their marriage.
On Monday, history was made in Florida. Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel lifted her stay on Pareto v. Ruvin in the morning, allowing same-sex couples in Miami to marry one day before the rest of Florida.

The first same-sex couple to marry in the Sunshine State was Catherina Pareto and Karla Arguello. Pareto, who grew up in the Magic City, said she still can't believe she's married.

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Man Who Authored Florida's Gay-Marriage Ban Worries About "End of Gender in Society"

via Florida Family Policy Council
Florida Family Policy Council director John Stemberger doesn't really care for gay marriage.
The biggest loser of the day: John Stemberger, director of the Florida Family Policy Council and author of 2008's Amendment 2, which banned same-sex marriage in Florida.

Stemberger called a press conference today in Tallahassee to react to the news that marriage certificates were being issued to gay couples here in Miami-Dade, and, boy (or girl... or non-gender binary identify person) did it seem like a wild ride.

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