South Florida's Adult Industry Radio Network Goes Live

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Courtesy of Mike DeSuno
DJ Platypus graduated from broadcasting school, got a job at a strip club to build up his on-air confidence, and never left.
Amber is late to the party because she keeps screwing up her lines, laughing every time she gets to the part about the women who will "entertain [you] with their green knockers." She clenches her fists as she repeats the words, concentrating superhard on getting the commercial spot down for a St. Patrick's Day party promo.

As soon as she nails it, the veteran dancer with braided hair throws off her headphones and click-clacks on her vertiginous heels to the anteroom of the studio, where Mike DeSuno -- better known as DJ Platypus, or Plat for short -- is blowing out three candles on a Publix cake. It's his 39th birthday, and a posse of dudes with similar short, gelled haircuts are sipping cans of Michelob Ultra and grinning widely. They all have the same build, which comes from keeping odd hours, spending lots of time cooped up in DJ booths, and subsisting on strip club fare.

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Miami's Sex Trade: 13 Shocking Secrets From Inside the $235 Million Industry

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Did you know that pimps in Miami are competitive about their style of shoes but are more than willing to cooperate to avoid prosecution? Or that brothels here can often be a family business? Or that the overall sex trade income has declined since 2003?

The Urban Institute has released a landmark study of the underground commercial sex economy of eight American cities, including Miami. Researchers spoke to law enforcement officials, pimps, and sex workers to sketch out the dynamics of the sex trade in each city. Here are some surprising findings about Miami.

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This Is How BangBros Made a Porno Featuring a 15-Year-Old Beauty Queen and a Murderer

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The last thing the director did before shouting "action" was serve Amber a slice of pizza. She understands now that it was a ploy: one final nod to normalcy before upending her life forever. But back then, at age 15, she was too distracted by the party and the promise of easy money to realize she had been duped into porn.

At first, she was told she would be in a music video, then that she'd be an extra in a strip scene. Sit in the background and smile, she recalls being told. All for an easy $100. Instead, the teen beauty queen soon found herself having sex on camera with a man nearly twice her age -- a man who would be accused of murder.

"I was manipulated," says Amber, now 18 years old. "They were putting digits in my face and throwing a good-looking guy at me. I was 15 and surrounded by temptation. It messed up my whole life."

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Miami Man Tried to Trade iPhone for Sex With Underage Sugar Baby

illustration by Liam Peters
A few months ago, New Times chronicled the world of Miami's "sugar babies," women who date rich older men with the expectation of receiving money and gifts in exchange. And while that's certainly ethically questionable, at least those women are adults. A Miami man was arrested after he traveled to a park in Pembroke Pines in hopes of procuring the services of a 15-year-old sugar baby in exchange for an iPhone, some gift cards, and a bit of pot. Instead, he was met by police.

See also: On Seeking Arrangement and Other Sugar Daddy Sites, Coeds Brave Risks to Find Rich Men

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Meet Mark Gold's 21-Year-Old Fiancee, Who Got Topless on the Jerry Springer Show

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Chandler Sutherland: Private jet ride to Las Vegas.
Late last week, one of Miami Beach's wealthiest and most flamboyant characters was found wandering the streets, his face battered and bruised. Police arrested the five-foot-five Mark Gold -- who once sued Goldrush strip club over a $19,000 bar tab and uses chimpanzees as commercial props for his behemoth law firm, the Ticket Clinic -- on charges of felony domestic battery.

The cops said he roughed up his fiancée after he found some displeasing material on her Facebook page. But the incident report left out one key bit of information: the identity of the fiancée.

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AHF, Group That Mandated Condoms in Porn in LA, Turns Its Eyes to Florida's Porn Industry

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The group that successfully pushed for an ordinance in Los Angeles that required all adult productions to use condoms on set has now set its eyes on Florida's less regulated porn industry. If they're successful, they may have to start packing condoms on the Bang Bus.

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University of Miami's Star Philosophy Professor Resigns Over Bad Handjob Jokes; Can't Argue His Way Out of It

Colin McGinn, a high-profile philosophy professor at the University of Miami and author of a book called Mindfucking, was forced to resign from his post earlier this summer after a female doctoral student accused him of sexual harassment. McGinn has since tried to downplay the incident by trying to philosophically explain away the notion of sexual harassment and even the meaning of the term "handjob." It's not going over so well.

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Floridians Have Surprisingly Boring Taste in Porn

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Florida may have a reputation for being the weirdest state in the nation, but apparently our collective taste in porn is pretty damn boring.

Porn search engine collected its most-used search terms over the past six months and broke them down geographically by American states and international countries. As it turns out, Floridians, or at least the Floridians who use the site, aren't all that kinky.

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Tom Wolfe's Miami-Epic Back to Blood Shortlisted for Bad Sex in Fiction Award

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After year's of hype, Tom Wolfe's Miami-set epic novel Back to Blood arrived to savage literary reviews and a telling indifference from local book readers. That doesn't mean the tome isn't getting any literary award love. It's been nominated for the very prestigious "Bad Sex in Fiction" award by the United Kingdom-based Literary Review.

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Tom Wolfe

California's New Condom Law Could Move Porn Jobs From L.A. to Miami

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Miami's economy might soon get a deep injection of revenue from an unlikely source: the adult-film industry. Because amid all the hoopla of last week's presidential election, a new law passed in California that might shift hundreds of porn jobs to the Sunshine State.

Last Tuesday, Los Angeles residents left porn studios feeling limp by voting for the Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act. The initiative, proposed and backed by the L.A.-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation, makes it mandatory for porn stars to wear condoms in films. On top of that, studios must obtain permits from the county health department, with routine inspections to make sure no one is dipping his wick unprotected.

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