AT&T Bringing Super Fast "GigaPower" Internet to Miami

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Miamians will soon be able to get super high-speed Internet. AT&T announced today that it's bringing its ultra-fast "GigaPower" network to the City of Miami. The broadband Internet service features speeds of up to one gigabit per second, which is the same speed as Google Fiber.

To put that in comparison, the highest speed available in Miami from Comcast, the city's dominant broadband Internet provider, is just 105 megabits per second.

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Microsoft to Open First U.S. "Innovation Center" in Downtown Miami

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Miami's burgeoning tech scene is about to get a big addition. Microsoft has announced that it will open its first American "innovation center" downtown this June. The center will operate out of Miami's Venture Hive, with the goal of not only aiding and adding some sizzle to Miami tech scene but to Dade County's economy as well.

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Mayor Levine on Miami Beach as Tech Hub: "It's the Dumbest Idea in the World"

As far as newly elected Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine is concerned, the city will continue to be known more for its silicone implants than silicon start-ups. While attending the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Levine straight-up told the Washington Post that the idea of turning Miami Beach into some sort of tech hub was, and we quote, "the dumbest idea in the world."

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Floridians Lead the States in Accidentally Destroying Their iPhones This Year

Let's have a moment of silence for all our dearly departed smart phones.

Because, apparently, in Florida there were a lot that left us this year. According to Squaretrade's annual "Clumsiest States Index," Florida led the states in damaging and destroying iPhones this year. (Well, technically Washington, D.C., came in first place, but that's not even a state.)

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Florida's 825 Miles of Beaches Are Coming to Google Map's Street View

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Courtesy of Visit Florida
Have you ever wanted to take a trip down one of Florida's beaches without leaving your computer? Well, that's kind of sad, but starting next year you'll be able to.

Visit Florida, the state's tourism and marketing arm, has teamed with Google to use their street mapping technology to capture all 825 miles of Florida's beaches. The trek is almost over and next year you'll be able to take that virtual beach stroll.

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Google Is Photographing Every Inch of Florida's Beaches for Its Street View

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Virginia Key beach.jpg
Next time you're sprawled out on a towel on South Bech or lying in a hammock under a palm tree on Key Biscayne, don't be alarmed if a man comes stumbling by wearing a backpack with more than 15 cameras sticking out in every direction.

He's probably not a Girls Gone Wild perv, just a Google Street View tech working on the site's latest project: mapping every inch of Florida's 825 miles of coastline beach.

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Download Our Brand-Spankin'-New and Improved City App!

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photo (2).jpg
You know, we here at New Times are always looking for ways to spit, polish, and shine up our sites to provide you with a better news-seeking experience.

We know, that makes us really awesome, but beyond that, it makes you awesome for keeping up with us.

Where can you get the latest Miami news on politics, the Heat, Florida Man, manatee molesters, Rick Ross, and the best (or worst) restaurants in town?

Allow us to show you.

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Rock the Vote Teams Up With Miami Tech Start-Up to Create Mobile Registration Campaign

Miamians can register to vote with their touch screens.
With voter registration for the November presidential election closing on October 9, if you haven't done so already, you may not make the deadline -- unless you have a smartphone and happen to be standing next to one of ten Rock the Vote bus bench posters scattered between Morningside and downtown Miami. The organization contracted Flomio Inc., a Miami-based tech start-up, to embed the posters with social media applications that allows people to sign up for their civic duty with a simple touch of a smartphone's screen.

"Rock the Vote wanted to try something new to get young people to register through mobile applications," says Flomio cofounder Tim Ronan. "You can register in minutes."

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Facebook and Twitter Icons Make You Less Likely to Buy Embarrassing Products Online, UM Study Finds

Online shopping was a boon to buyers who sometimes felt a little embarrassment when buying certain products. The web's anonymity may have made them feel like no one could judge them for, say, buying an industrial-sized vat of KY Jelly. But the mere presence of social media logos like Twitter and Facebook may be bringing a bit of shame to web shopping according to a new study by the University of Miami School of Business Administration.

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Fidel Castro Tricked Twitter (Again) Into Thinking He Died Last Night

Still (technically) alive
Living in Miami actually makes it much easier to quickly judge whether reports of Fidel Castro's demise are true. Just open your window: Are horns honking? Are fireworks exploding? Is anyone running down your street yelling El hijo de puta está muerto?!

If not, then Fidel is probably not dead. Such was the case last night when the Twitterverse exploded with millions of false tweets that the dictator had kicked it. Turns out a "Fidel is Dead" email virus might be to blame yet again.

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