Voxxi.com, News Site Targeting Hispanics, Launches in Miami

Voxxi.com Chief Executive Emilio Sanchez
​Is there a market for a Hispanic focused news, opinion and aggregation website? A veteran journalist for the EFE News Agency, the leading Spanish language news service in the world, seems to think so. Emilio Sanchez, EFE's former bureau chief in Washington D.C. and Miami, is now at the helm of Voxxi.com, a Miami-based news website that will target second and third generation Hispanics.

"We're going after segments of the Hispanic community that use English as a first language," Sanchez says. "We have done research and they don't like to read in Spanish."

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IPhone 4S's "Personal Assistant" Siri Tells Us Where to Get Hookers, Weed, and Drunk

Categories: Silicon Beach

When we asked it for cheap hookers...
Steve Job's first posthumous release -- the iPhone 4S -- is getting a lot of buzz for its new "personal assistant", Siri, who's supposed to be really good at setting up meetings and booking hotel rooms for high-powered types.

Or finding the nearest hookers for alt-weekly staffers, apparently. Yesterday, we asked Siri: "Where can we find a hooker and how much will it cost?"

Siri perkily responded that she had found 16 escorts in the area. She lamented that she couldn't "look specifically for price range." Maybe that more pimpin'-friendly feature will be on the iPhone 5.

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First Twitter-Themed Cruise to Set Sail from Miami in November

Categories: Silicon Beach
Hopefully there won't be many Fail Whale sightings.
A Dutch airline had already booked up an entire flight to Miami using Twitter, so it was only a matter of time until a cruise ship company tries the same. This November, Norwegian Cruise Lines will set sail with what its claiming is the world's first Twitter-themed cruise. Personally, a vacation for us means a chance to temporarily cut our ties from all our gadgets, but apparently some people can't wait to Tweet about sunbathing on a cruise ship deck.

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How Did You Survive The Great Three-Hour iPhone Outage?

Categories: Silicon Beach
A modern-day nightmare swept greater Miami-Dade yesterday afternoon. AT&T's 3G cell service completely ceased to work, leaving thousands of iPhone and other smartphone addicts without on-the-go access to their precious, precious Twitters, Foursquare and Words With Friends. The unimaginable horror was almost too much to bear. We're frankly just relieved no one died or was seriously injured during the great 3G outage.

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Miami-Based Internet Start-Up Creates Social Platform For Artists

Categories: Silicon Beach
Tedd Bernard
A Miami Internet entrepreneur is looking to bank on the demise of MySpace. Tedd Bernard is chief executive of Almostfamous.com, a small company developing a social media platform for musicians to interact with fans and talent agents.

"Now that MySpace is dying, Almost Famous can step in to create an environment for artists to keep promoting their music," Bernard says. "Right now we are inviting users to test out the beta site."

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Website Will Make Nightclubs Bid for Your Business

Categories: Silicon Beach
The number of deal-of-the-day websites continues to expand in South Florida at an annoying rate, and it was only a matter of time until someone tried to tailor the deal-site trend to the nightclub world. Recently, Venugo -- more akin to hotel sites such as Expedia than Groupon -- launched in New York City and has plans to expand to Miami. The site makes nightclubs and bars bid for your business.

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Miami Company Puts Tracking Chips in Hotel Towels and Robes

Categories: Silicon Beach
We know some people whose entire linen closets look like they've been stocked from "accidentally packed" towels and robes from hotels. Well, Linen Technology Tracking, a Miami-based company, wants to put an end to the surprisingly common crime of snatching a hotel's good linen. They've invented small waterproof chips that can be implanted in towels and robes to detect theft.

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Florida Is the Fifth Happiest State, According to Twitter Updates

via Squidoo
You wouldn't know it from polling that indicates Floridians increasingly think the state is heading in the wrong direction, or our emotional health rankings from the Gallup Well-Being Survey, but apparently Florida is one of the happiest states in the nation. At least on Twitter.

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Download Best Of... App for iPhone

More than two decades of Miami's best is available today on our new Best Of... app for iPhone. That's right. You can check out categories like Best Dance Club, Best New Restaurant, Best Bar, Best Hotel, and many others.

The app lets you check out not only current winners -- this year's issue is due out in June -- but also those of past years. Plus it determines your location and lets you know what Best Of winners are nearby. And if you've visited a Best Of winner, you can click "Check In" and earn badges along the way.

As TechCrunch points out, our Best Of choices aren't user generated, instead what it has "going for it is it's expert (not crowd-sourced) curation." Those experts happen to be people like us, the editorial staff of the Miami New Times.

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Deal of the Day Websites Have Gone Crazy in Miami, But Businesses are Increasingly Wary

The new breed of coupon crazies, thankfully, don't carry scissors.
Deal of the Day websites seems to be out of control in South Florida. Today, Miamians can log into Groupon for a deal on a sailboat ride. They can head over to Gilt City for discounts on three-course meals, keratin treatments, and custom shirts. Poll Dancing lesson fees are slashed at Couptessa. Living Social is offering 50 percent off food at an Española Way restaurant. New Times' very own Voice Deal of the Day has a similar deal at the Burgundy Room. CBSMiami has yet another similar offer for Med Italia. MyCotorra has cheap photo packages.

The proliferation of these deal of the day sites is out of control, and The Miami Herald is set to launch their very own as soon as April. Though, increasingly businesses offering these types of deal are becoming wary of the benefits. How long will the deal bandwagon last?

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