Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union Married at Redland Castle

Though the security and secrecy surrounding Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union's wedding was tight, it turns out the pair got married at a moat-surrounded castle in the Redland.

Yet despite the signed confidentiality agreements, key details about #TheWadeUnion still leaked.

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Rich Wilkerson Jr.: Meet the Miami Hipster Pastor Who Married Kim and Kanye

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via Instagram
When two of the world's biggest fame monsters get hitched you'd think it would be nearly impossible for anyone else at their wedding to get any attention. Yes, this weekend's wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has a surprise breakout star: the pastor.

Meet Rich Wilkerson Jr., a junior preacher at Miami Garden's Trinity Church. Mostly he's caught the Internet's attention because a fair number of people want to do things to him that would make Jesus shudder. But it's not just his slick haircut and penchant for Kanye-style man "skirts" that's interesting.

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Justin Bieber's Jail Videos Will Be Released Today (Without Showing His Penis)

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This is not usually what we mean when we talk about a hotly anticipated video premiere featuring a pop star, but surveillance video of Justin Bieber being held inside a Miami Beach police station will be made public today.

Though "sensitive" parts have been edited out, which means, presumably, the Bieber peen will not be making its public debut. For now anyway.

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: And here's TMZ, naturally, with your first look.

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The Miami Herald Really Wants to See Video of Justin Bieber Peeing at a Police Station

In one corner we have the media and Florida's notoriously progressive open record laws. In the other we have diminutive pop mischief maker Justin Bieber.

The media, of course, had a field day when Bieber was arrested last month for supposedly drag racing while high down a Miami Beach residential street, but they haven't had enough of him yet. They want more video. Specifically video of Bieber in custody, which the Miami Herald's attorney says should be made public. However, the Bieb's defense team has filed an injection hoping to block the release of any more video.

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A Former Taz's Angels Model Has Photo Hacked, Sues to Find Culprit

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courtesy of Facebook
Iesha ran with the girl gang of models "Taz's Angels," which is based out of South Beach.
Iesha Crespo has most recently appeared in Drake's music videos and the HBO series with Mark Wahlberg Ballers, but the 23-year-old got her start with Taz's Angels, a mysterious girl gang modeled after Charlie's Angels. Its leader, Michael "Taz" Williams, puts a group of five women up in a $4.5 million South Beach mansion near Alton Road, according to their videos, and instructs them to take endless photos of one another. For their efforts, the group has cultivated almost 500,000 followers on Instagram. A quick glance at their feed shows it's mostly twerk videos and images of blunt-smoking.

It's unclear how the Angels make money, apart from a weekly hosting gig at LIV nightclub, and their leader's background is mysterious. Michael "Taz" Williams' company is listed as a producer on the 2002 song "My Neck, My Back" by Dirty South rapper Khia. Gigolo Enterprises LLC, an entertainment company, is registered to his parents' house in Lutz, Florida. It's obvious Taz considers himself a younger, more modern Hugh Hefner. He has trademarked the term "bad bitches link up," and he sporadically appears in photos with his chicks.

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Jermaine Dupri Claims Miami Beach Police Are Profiling Celebrities

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via Timothy M. Moore, Wikimedia Commons
Like Justin Bieber, producer and rapper Jermaine Dupri was pulled over by Miami Beach police after a night out partying recently. Unlike Justin Bieber, though, he walked free.

Dupri doesn't think though that both stars' trouble with cops on the island were a coincidence. He told TMZ he thinks that beach cops are intentionally profiling celebrities.

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Did Justin Bieber Get Special Treatment?

Anyone who watched video of Justin Bieber's court appearance yesterday probably heard the judge note that it was the first case of the afternoon and Bieber's attorney then thanked the judge for "hearing us right away." There was little doubt Bieber received special treatment, but defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh was shocked at how fast the process worked for the troubled teen star. He notes on his blog that he's never heard of any other celebrity getting such treatment.

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Lauren Tannehill, Who Forgot Her AR-15 in a Rental Car, Is No Stranger to Guns

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"#gunsblazzzinnn," Tannehill says.
Two hours.

That's how long Miami Dolphins First Lady Lauren Tannehill possessed a rented Nissan Rogue January 4. But within those two hours, she somehow found time to nestle her AR-15 -- which three states banned following the Sandy Hook massacre -- into a gray bag, plop it in the back seat, forget its existence, and return the Nissan to an E-Z Rent-A-Car.

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Jermaine Dupri Pulled Over on South Beach, Searched For Drugs

via Timothy M. Moore, Wikimedia Commons
Jermaine Dupri was cruising South Beach with his boys when cops noticed the black Lincoln Navigator's tint was so dark that they couldn't identify the race, sex, or number of passengers inside the SUV. Police pulled over the party to see who was headed north on Washington Avenue at 3:24 a.m. and what they had to hide.

Two officers noticed a "strong odor of marijuana emanating from within the vehicle." There was no weed present, however. Still, they called in backup. Dupri tweeted: "Somebody pls call TMZ. Five police cars just pulled us over cause [names] got the car smelling like snoop dogg. oh shit!... lol this is a movie."

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O.J. Simpson Officially Purged From Miami-Dade Voter Rolls

For all those worried that O.J. Simpson is such an upstanding citizen dedicated to civic involvement that he'd try and vote despite his felony convictions and the fact he's sitting in a Nevada jail cell can finally breathe a sigh of relief. He's officially been scrubbed from Miami-Dade's voter rolls.

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