Coyo Taco's Secret Bar: 50 Tequilas and PaletaRitas

Photo by Laine Doss
Coyo's PaletaRita: refreshing and boozy.
Wynwood's Coyo Taco is pretty straightforward: a fast-casual place to get tacos, guacamole, and Jarritos. But step beyond the small dining area and past the bathrooms, and you'll find a secret lounge. There, more than 50 bottles of tequila and mezcal glow by the light of novena candles. It's a strange and lovely mix of saints and spirits.

The bar, open daily beginning at 5 p.m., has no name, though Coyo partner Anna Robbins says people have been calling it the "secret bar" or, as Urban Daddy dubs it, "tequila wonderland." But what's in a name when you have a cool hidden bar with a secret back entrance and a tequila-forward menu of drinks?

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SooWoo Opens, Then Quickly Closes on South Beach

Categories: Closings

Photo by Carla Torres
Closed in three months.
Three short months into business, SooWoo -- a Japanese/Korean restaurant located just off Fifth Street and Washington Avenue in South Beach -- has been shuttered. The place, which occupied a variety of locales before moving to the Beach, got off to a rocky start after several employees claimed -- and management denied -- they hadn't been paid.

As of yesterday, all of the teppanyaki tables had been cleared out of the SoBe location, and the only thing that remained was the center bar. The PR firm that represents the restaurant, Tara Ink, confirmed the place has closed permanently. Nick D'Annunzio said the closure was due to lack of rent payment, thus causing the landlord to take action.

The restaurant's opening chef, Joe Bonavita Jr., walked out the day after Christmas. "I was paid three weeks of work for four months," he told New Times. "I've never seen a restaurant run like this."

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Bagatelle: St. Tropez Comes to South Beach

Categories: Openings

Courtesy of Bagatelle
Bagatelle: St. Tropez style -- and partying -- comes to South Beach.
Restaurant chain Bagatelle has opened a South Beach location at 2000 Collins Ave., giving Miami's beautiful people another place to sip champagne in a fairy-tale setting.

With locations already in the tony cities of New York, Los Angeles, São Paulo, St. Barts, and St. Tropez, Bagatelle was fated to come to Miami. What's different about this spot is the fact that it's housed in the soon-to-open Villa Bagatelle Hotel, with rooms ranging from a relatively reasonable $279 per night to $1,629 for the two-bedroom Bagatelle Villa Suite, complete with a private roof deck and ocean views.

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Klima Opens Today: Barcelona-Inspired Cuisine in South Beach

Categories: Openings

Courtesy of Klima
Truffle with poached egg and miga.
Klima hasn't even opened yet and already the Spanish restaurant has hosted the master of New Basque cuisine, Juan Mari Arzak. In 1989, he was awarded three Michelin stars for his namesake restaurant in Spain, Arzak. Along with fellow three-Michelin-starred chefs Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz and Quique Dacosta of Quique Dacosta, he feasted on a private eight-course meal prepared by Klima's executive chef, David "Rusti" Rustarazo.

If that's not a good practice run to get the kitchen of the Barcelona-inspired restaurant ready for service, nothing is.

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Vegan Happy Hour Series Begins at Whole Foods Downtown Miami

Courtesy of Whole Foods Market Downtown Miami
Green Mission Specialist Genesis Defilippi whips up happy hour bites.
For tired, browbeaten cube-dwellers, happy hour is a savior. It's honored by omnivores and vegans alike, despite the fact that bar bites aren't generally heavy on the plants.

Luckily, Whole Foods downtown Miami has launched a Vegan Happy Hour series designed to school people on how to make plant-based versions of their favorite snacks. Every Monday in March (except the 23rd), Healthy Eating specialist Genesis Defilippi will serve mocktails and bites inspired by happy hour menus.

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Best New Restaurant Watch Party at Buns & Buns Tonight

Categories: Film and TV

Thumbnail image for bunsandbuns_chefandcolicchio_nbcuniversal.jpg
Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Bravo
Tom Colicchio gives Buns & Buns' Alex Zibi and Reuven Sugarman some kitchen tips.
Buns & Buns is the only fast-casual restaurant to compete on Bravo's culinary competition, Best New Restaurant, but don't call it that. "Gastro fast. That's what we call it," says owner Alex Zibi, adding he's not aware of any other restaurant that follows the same concept -- or uses that name. "I invented that term, and it's already in the process of being trademarked."

Indeed, a search confirms that a trademark request was been filed for the term "gastro fast" by Buns & Buns in February 2015 -- just in case you were planning to open a restaurant.

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Talde at Thompson Miami Beach: "You Build on Locals"

Photo courtesy of Talde
Dale Talde and partners David Massoni and John Bush bring Talde to Miami Beach
Dale Talde is bringing his Brooklyn born-and-bred Talde to the Thompson Miami Beach Hotel this summer.

Talde, along with partners David Massoni and John Bush, has already begun work on the space, located in the southeast corner of the hotel. Although Talde is situated in what can be described as a plush resort hotel (and sharing real estate with veteran toque Michelle Bernstein), the two-time Top Chef contestant has visions of his Talde being anything but an eatery for the 1 percent.

On the contrary, Talde envisions his Miami Beach eatery as a place to grab dumplings and noodles in a casual yet elegant setting. But the chef does recognize the contrast between Park Slope and Miami Beach. "At the beach, you want fresh, bright, and light, and my food can totally translate."

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Cafe Babbo in Wynwood: Taco Pizza Tuesday and Neapolitan Pies

Categories: First Bites

Photo by Carla Torres
What a taco pizza looks like.
"There are too many Neapolitan-style pizza places in Miami," say some idiotas. They are wrong! Pizza is always a welcome addition to the neighborhood, especially when you're in Wynwood and there's such a thing as Taco Pizza Tuesday.

Yep. Taco Pizza Tuesday is officially happening.

The man behind the idea is Antonio Chia, owner of Café Babbo, which has been hiding in plain sight just a few blocks from all the arts district action. Café Babbo quietly opened during Art Basel but hasn't done a formal grand opening yet. "We are waiting till we have everything perfect," Chia says.

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Boxelder Craft Beer Market Opening Today in Wynwood

Photo by Carla Torres
Take your pick of local brews at Boxelder.
Walk into Boxelder and the first thing you notice is a hexagonal mirror configuration on the wall. Besides being pretty to look at, it has a shape that's representative of the molecular structure of fermentation. That's an indicator of how serious the folks behind Wynwood's first craft beer market are about suds.

Soft-opening today, Boxelder, which is part bottle shop and part taproom, is a venture of love between husband and wife Adam and Nicole Darnell, who left their careers in the art world to pursue a different type of craft: beer.

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Ryan Martin on 180 Degrees at DRB: "This Is an Actual Gastropub"

Categories: Chef Interviews

Photo by Lucia Pizano-Urbina
Ryan Martin: Molecular gastronomy comes to a Miami gastropub.
Chef Ryan Martin quietly took over the Democratic Republic of Beer's location at 501 NE First Ave. about six months ago, changing nearly everything about the beer hall. That could explain the new name: 180 Degrees at DRB.

Martin explains that the beer-bar-turned-gastropub has retained its DRB label because of a standing partnership. However, the name and a good selection of beer are the only two things that the chef has kept around. "I bought the DRB in June, closed it, and reopened it as 180 in September. Instead of a dive beer bar, we're a gastropub with about a hundred craft beers."

Ask Martin about calling 180 Degrees a gastropub and you'll get a straightforward answer. "This is an actual gastropub instead of a restaurant that calls itself a gastropub in Miami.

"The term is used so loosely it makes me mad. If you break down the term, you end up with 'gastro' and 'pub.' That's food and bar. Basically, in my opinion, I wanted to open a gastropub about 20 years ago, before the term existed. I wanted to open a pool hall with incredible food because I was so sick of putting on a collared shirt to get good food. When it comes down to it, to me, a gastropub should really feel more like a bar than a restaurant."

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