Miami's Ten Best Pumpkin Dishes

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Courtesy of DB Bistro Moderne
Pumpkin stuffed.
The pumpkins are carved, the lattes are pumpkin-spiced and the pumpkin pies are topped with whipped cream. The round and ribbed orange squash is serving its seasonal duties.

However, Miami restaurants are pushing the envelope with pumpkins this season. Here are the ten best dishes to try that range, from the savory to the sweet. There are a multitude of cuisines represented, from Haitian to Jamaican and from Vietnamese to Italian.

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Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend: Scaring Up a Good Time

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Photo by Laine Doss
Put on your best outfit and celebrate Halloween!
This weekend is supposed to give us a break in temperatures, with fall-like evenings. In other words, it's a boo-tiful time to scare up a few guys and ghouls and enjoy Halloween and Day of the Dead festivities around town.

Miami is filled with fiendish delights from costume parties to brunches.

Weekend starts now!

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Loba in MiMo Debuts Brunch Sunday: Free Mimosas For All

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Courtesy of Loba
The "Ring of Fire" is a sweet potato waffle with jamón serrano, Spanish fried chicken, chipotle butter, and maple syrup
Miami isn't exactly overflowing with praiseworthy brunch spots, so we get unusually excited anytime a cool restaurant launches a brunch program. This weekend it happens to be Loba, an intimate gastrobar in MiMo serving Latin and South American cuisine.

The hybrid meal is owner Jessica Sanchez's favorite, and so to test the waters she encouraged diners to share their likes and dislikes during two pop-up brunches. Similar to dinner, Sanchez wants the brunch menu to include healthy options (chia seed pudding, anyone?) and vegetarian entrées in addition to more decadent items.

For example: the Ring of Fire. The dish consists of a sweet potato waffle, jamón serrano, spanish fried chicken, chipotle butter, and Vermont maple syrup ($18).

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Papa John's Fritos Chili Pizza: Genius or Heinous?

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Papa John's
Papa John's new Frito pie: The end of the world as we know it.
Papa John's has just announced a new product that could either be the next big thing or the start of end times.

According to the Papa John's website, this limited-edition pizza is topped with beef, chili, Roma tomatoes, onions, cheddar, mozzarella, and Fritos.

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Silence of the Lamb Chops: Veal Brains, Beef Heart Tartare, Chicken Liver Mousse, and Moth Cookies

All photos by Giovanny Gutierrez
Thrill seekers gathered last night at the Federal for a special collaborative dinner between Cesar Zapata and Todd Erickson (Haven and Huahua's) that included pig face, beef heart, chicken liver, veal brains, lamb chops, and moths.

Inspired by the psychological thriller starring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster, Silence of the Lambs, all dishes are straight plays from scenes in the film and meals had by Hannibal Lecter. "He's our favorite cannibal," said Aniece Meinhold. "So we wanted to honor him." Erickson and Zapata did just that in five-courses. The wine pairing dinner, dubbed Silence of the Lamb Chops, brought out the heebie-jeebies in us, and it had nothing to do with the food that was served.

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Vagabond Restaurant Menu Preview: Short Ribs, Seasonal Flavors, and Grasshoppers

All photos by Laine Doss
Communal dining at The Vagabond Restaurant.
The Vagabond Restaurant hasn't even opened yet and already it's one of the most talked about places to open in Miami.

It could be the restaurant's setting, at the newly refurbished Vagabond Hotel, a MiMo gem on Biscayne Boulevard, or it could be the chance to see art and food integrated together, with pieces curated by partner Alvaro Perez.

Ultimately, it's the anticipation of eating chef/partner, Alex Chang's food. Chang found notoriety when his underground restaurant at an on-campus apartment at the University of Southern California was made into the documentary, Paladar, by filmmaker Gil Freston.

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Miami's Best Halloween Cocktails

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Thumbnail image for halloweencocktail_tongueandcheek.jpg
Courtesy of Tongue & Cheek
Pumpkin latte with lots of booze.
Halloween is almost here, and it's time to break out our killer clowns, vampires, and superheroes.

The best part of this holiday is that it brings out everyone's inner child. But while kids have to settle for dumping out their trick-or-treat bags hoping for the "good" candy, we grownups can indulge in treats of the boozy kind.

With that in mind, here are our favorite Halloween cocktails served at Miami restaurants and a recipe for your costume party at home.

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Pane & Vino in South Beach: Try the Pear Stuffed Pasta

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Photo by Carina Ost
Fruit filled.
There are few dishes that I remember with such fondness as a pear stuffed pasta that I once enjoyed at a trendy restaurant in Barcelona. The sweetness paired with sharp cheese in its soft doughy casing left a lasting impression. Imagine my surprise when a similar dish appeared on the menu of a charming five-month-old Italian restaurant in the heart of Washington Avenue near Espanola Way and across the street from nightclubs and strip clubs.

It is very easy to miss Pane & Vino as you walk or drive by, but a theater-like display in the window of someone making fresh pasta may entice you. This restaurant takes a gamble by giving a prime seating area to this cooking display. It pays off. The adorable eatery has quotes and wine on the wall and a convenient collections of oil, vinegar, salt and pepper for each table. If you sit along the wall, expect yours in its own private table side shelf.

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Moye Opens in Brickell: House-Made Mozze and Rum-Spiked Granita

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Photos by Carla Torres
Brickell isn't exactly a dining destination, but Tony Gallo and Pietro Vardeu hope to change that perception. If those names ring a bell, it's likely because you've downed bowls of pasta at their South Beach restaurant, Sardinia Enoteca.

Last week the duo quietly opened Moye in the center of Brickell, bringing Apulia, Italy's exceptional olive oil, burrata, and wine to the neighborhood and the United States. They've imported chefs from the Moye locations in Florence and Milan to make their first American location as authentic Apulian as possible, and Short Order was invited to taste.

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Knaus Berry Farm and the Glorious Cinnamon Rolls Are Back

Photo by Jacob Katel
Knaus Berry Farm is rolling again.
With the line between Miami's slow season and the onslaught of tourists becoming ever more blurred, there is perhaps one event that dictates the beginning of fall: the opening of Knaus Berry Farm.

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