Uncle Tom's Barbecue Starts Delivery Service, Donates Money to ALS Association UPDATED

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Courtesy of Uncle Tom's BBQ
Uncle Tom is on the road.
Here's a scenario.

It's lunchtime and you're starving. While there might be a place to grab a tuna sandwich nearby, you've got a hankering for a rack of Uncle Tom's Barbecue's ribs ($19.95) and some cool, crisp coleslaw. Problem is, you're on a deadline and there's absolutely no way you can leave the office today.

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Terrapin Brewmaster Taps Rare Midnight Monk Cask at Kush Monday

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Terrapin via Facebook
Terrapin's brewmaster heads to Kush.
Terrapin, the turtle-themed brewery that hails from Athens, Georgia, is a consistent hit with beer fans. The craft brewery's beers have won numerous awards at the U.S. Open Beer Championship, Carolina Championship of Beers, and the Bramwell Oktoberfest, for their drinkability.

Terrapin is also known for its special releases and barrel-aged beers, many of them rare finds not readily available in Miami. On Monday, August 25 at 6 p.m., Terrapin co-founder and brewmaster Spike Buckowski will be behind the bar at Kush to tap some rare kegs and share some special hard-to-find Terrapin selections.

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Whole Foods One-Day Rotisserie Chicken Sale: Weekend Recipes for Your Whole Roasted Bird

Courtesy of Whole Foods
Roasted chicken might just be everyone's go-to comfort meal. In celebration of the crispy yet juicy bird, Whole Foods is hosting a one-day national sale today on their humanely raised, antibiotic-free and all organic seasoned whole roasted chicken.

Five dollars will get you a long way today -- dinner for the whole family or an entire weekend of chicken-filled meals. Whole Foods usually prices birds at $8.99 and today they are going for $5. (that's $3.99 of savings). And in case you're wondering just what to do with a chicken on date night, we've got some tantalizing recipes for you to try. All center on rotisserie chicken.

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Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend: Pubbelly Brunch, Back to School, and Spinning

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Pubbelly via Facebook
Brunch at Pubbelly. It's what's new for this week.
Here's good news, Miami. Although it's about a million degrees out and we're on tropical storm alert, fall is right around the corner. Kids are back at school and our town is emerging from its humidity-driven semi-coma with a brand new brunch (by the Pubbelly boys, no less).

Here's the best of what's going on. Weekend starts now!

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Todd Erickson Talks Beer, Hosts Ommegang Pairing Dinner at Haven

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Laine Doss
Todd Erickson breaking out the beer at Haven.
While it is better known for inventive cocktails than craft beer, Haven South Beach is catering to lovers of brew with its upcoming beer pairing dinner.

Executive chef Todd Erickson will collaborate with Brewery Ommegang for the dinner on Tuesday, August 26, at 7 p.m. The affair will offer 30 guests the opportunity to taste chef Erickson's summery menu, paired with the brewery's Belgian style ales, all crafted in Cooperstown, New York (home of the Baseball Hall of Fame).

Chef Erickson said the idea for the dinner came about when Haven revamped their beer menu, adding Ommegang's Three Philosophers to the roster of craft brews. "With us being a gastrolounge, we thought, why not do a beer pairing. Ommegang is a great brewery, and it was a chance to do a summer pairing with all these braised summer dishes. I mean, who doesn't like beer?"

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Patpong Road Celebrates One Year With Free Drinks This Saturday

Thumbnail image for patpongdarkwall.jpg
Photo by Laine Doss
Don't have plans for Saturday night? Patpong Road, the bar founded by restaurant group 50 Eggs and located above Khong River House, is celebrating its first anniversary with free well and signature Laidee drinks till midnight. Laidee drinks come in a cool plastic bag and mix the Chinese spirit Bye Joe with tropical juices and fruit. The weekend is looking up all of a sudden.

John Kunkel is a man of many restaurants, but Patpong Road was his first foray into the wonderful world of cocktails. Inspired by his travels to Bangkok and its notorious red-light district, Patpong Road has been a favorite among locals this past year. In fact, it was New Times' choice for best new bar.

We chatted with Kunkel about Patpong's first year and its future.

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Miami's Six Best Blood and Guts Dishes: From Veal Kidney to Pig Stomach

Courtesy of Flickr
Conventional forms of meat consumption are so passe in our post- Andrew Zimmern world. Ever since Bizarre Foods came on the scene, budding foodies have been trying to outdo themselves in the consumption of exotic and stomach-churning meals. Along with insect larvae, and durian, offal (a euphemism for organs, glands, and innards usually discarded during butchery) have come back on to the culinary scene.

While they might not be the most attractive proteins, these overlooked delicacies are often staples of cultures around the world. Here are some of Miami's best blood and guts dishes, lovingly prepared and served for your gluttonous consumption.

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Three Boozy Lemonade Recipes For Your Weekend Picnic

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Courtesy of Stoli
Refreshing and buzzy.
Have you been outside? It's freaking hot out there. The only thing August in Miami is good for is sitting on a beach or your backyard and having an ice cold lemonade. Or a cocktail. Or both.

There's really nothing better than a cold glass of tart, sweet lemonade. Unless, of course, you spike it. That's when the party really starts. And, since the weekend forecast promises to continue to be steamy, we suggest making a pitcher or two of these boozy lemonades, created by mixologist and brand ambassador David Brogan.

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Ten Best Chicken & Waffles in Miami

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Courtesy of Yardbird
Everybody likes chicken and waffles. How could you not? This dish is having a moment, with good reason. The perfect combination of savory and sweet means you don't have to choose one over the other. In the past couple of years, we've seen this duo pop up in brunches all over town and even claim its proper place on several menus. The soul food staple has origins in Harlem circa 1938, when Wells Supper Club gave gospel singers and jazz performers who'd missed out on dinner but didn't quite want breakfast the best of both worlds.

Two regulars at Wells -- Herb Hudson and Gladys Knight -- couldn't get enough, so they decided to open institutions dedicated to the fried bird and square piece of dough. If you've been to L.A or Atlanta, you know that ordering chicken and waffles is a religious affair. At Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood, the name says it all. On the East Coast, Gladys and Ron's Chicken and Waffles boasts a line out the door every day beginning at 9 a.m.

Miami isn't so far behind. Lines out the door at a few places can be attributed to chicken and waffles. What follows are the top ten places where sweet meets savory.

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Pub-Shaker Miami Spice Pop-Up: Pubbelly and Broken Shaker Collaborate

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Photo by Hector Torres
Every year when the culinary clock strikes Miami Spice, the Pubbelly Boys have something cooking besides their own three-course, prix-fixe deals. Last year, they joined forces with sushi master Makoto Okuwa for a one-night only event that sold out. The year before that, friends Giorgio Rapicavoli and Jose Mendin kicked it in the kitchen in the first Miami Spice pop-up.

We assumed this year's collaboration was the first of three mash-up chef dinners in which Mendin and Brad Kilgore of J&G Grill gave foodies a glimpse into their menus with six courses. We were wrong.

Pub-Shaker, a special one-night only collaboration between Broken Shaker chef James Seyba and Mendin takes place next Wednesday, August 27, at Pubbelly. And that's not all. Bar Lab Boys and the mad scientists behind the Broken Shaker -- Elad Zvi and Gabriel Orta -- will be mixing cocktails to pair with every course.

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