Palmas Cafe in Brickell: Lunch for Under $10

Photo by Giovanny Gutierrez
Hello, lover...
If you think there isn't a decent spot where you can get lunch for under $10 in Brickell, you'd probably be right. Up until a couple of weeks ago, anyway. That's when Palmas Café quietly opened in the gorgeous courtyard shared with Deli Lane and a few other places.

Palmas Café comes to Brickell from the owners of Oasis Café in Key Biscayne (which has been supplying all Key Rats with their coffee fix for decades) and Las Olas Café over in South Beach (providing a similar service to beach-goers).

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September 2014 Miami Restaurant Openings and Closings

Courtesy of Morimoto South Beach
Morimoto cuts a 120 ft. long sushi roll instead of a ribbon to open his new restaurant.
September 2014 in Miami will be remembered for two things -- endless days of torrential rain and the opening of Iron Chef Morimoto's restaurant at the Shelborne Wyndham South Beach. Of course, the "official" opening isn't until today, but if you've been on social media, you've seen practically everyone in Miami snapping pics of the celebrity chef pouring sake or making a 120 foot long sushi roll. If you think Morimoto is theatrical, check out The Drawing Room, which also shares real estate at the Shelborne Wyndham South Beach, where mixologist Albert Trummer mixes potions and elixirs specially designed to cure what ails you.

As far as closings go, there's not much to report. Lippi, the opulent Brickell restaurant co-owned by Tunu Puri, has closed. In its place will be Tamarina, a more streamlined, moderately priced restaurant (also co-owned by Tunu Puri, along with wife Yona).

Cavalli Lounge has temporarily closed for renovation, although the ground floor restaurant remains open for dinner. The lounge, which is scheduled to reopen October 20 or 24, will get an upgraded, "fresh new look" that would also make "the option to dine upstairs more appealing".

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Midtown Oyster Bar to Open This Month

Photo by Carla Torres
Oysters headed to midtown soon.
Good things supposedly happen in threes, so we can only hope that a third oyster bar will open in Wynwood/midtown. Midtown Oyster Bar will start operation sometime in October, making it the area's second oyster bar this year, after Mignonette.

Midtown Oyster Bar is the brainchild of the Graspa Group. You might be familiar with its other restaurant concepts, which include Salumeria 104, Spris, Tiramesu (making a comeback later this year), and Segafredo. What does that mean? Expect New England favorites with a touch of Italian.

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Concrete Beach and Brewer's Way Bring Gravitas to Miami Beer Scene

Categories: Booze Hound

All photos by Laine Doss
Concrete Beach: New kid on the block.
When Concrete Beach Brewery opens in Wynwood this month, it will take Miami beer to another level for two reasons.

First off, this will be the third brewery located on Northwest 24th Street in Wynwood, which can now unofficially be called Brewer's Way.

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Wynwood Brewing to Host Oktoberfest Beer Garden at Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove

Categories: Booze Hound

Wynwood Brewing Co.
Wynwood Brewing gets a temporary Coconut Grove home.
Miami's own Wynwood Brewing Company is teaming up with the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove in what promises to be the classiest Oktoberfest in South Florida.

The brewery's Brignoni family has collaborated with the tony resort's chef Ramesh Kaduru to create the Beer Garden, located on the property's terrace. Luis G. Brignoni, president of Wynwood Brewing, says the partnership came about after having a conversation with Chef Kaduru. "We've done collaborations in the past during Fourth of July weekend and also for Father's Day. We've developed a great friendship. The resort has realized the impact that craft beer has in the marketplace, and they have such an excellent place that we would love to showcase for the local folks here in Miami."

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Lure Fishbar's Josue Gonzalez Wins Botran Mixology Showdown

Categories: Booze Hound

All photos by Laine Doss
Botran winners Josue Gonzalez and Lauren Sosnowsky with International Bartender of the Year, Simone Caporale.
Yesterday's Botran Mixology Showdown at Miami Beach's Lure Fishbar proved to be an extreme battle between eight of Miami's most talented bartenders.

In the end, Lure Fishbar's Josue "Joshua" Gonzalez's Guatamalan Flip, a mashup between a Cuba Libre and a classic egg-white flip, won yesterday's competition, snagging the mixologist a visit to the rum distillery in Guatamala in the process. Lauren Sosnowsky of Earl's Kitchen & Bar in Kendall took second place (and a check for $2,500) for her unnamed tribute to Canada.

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Chopped Champions Winner Diana Sabater Talks Giorgio Rapicavoli and Moving to Miami

Pictures courtesy of Food Network
Last week, Giorgio Rapicavoli found himself in familiar territory as he faced Chopped judges for the third time in the dessert round of the first-ever Chopped Champions. The only difference this time around was that once Ted Allen lifted the silver cloche, Rapicavoli lost.

Diana Sabater, a single mother of two and former police department employee defeated the Eating House chef and owner, winning $50,000 and a brand new car -- the biggest prize in Chopped history. We caught up with Sabater yesterday as she's visiting Miami for the first time and thinking about making this her home.

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Michael Mina on Chefs Needing Social Skills, Miami's Strip Steak

Categories: Interview

Photo by Brandon David Demonbreun
Michael Mina: Strip star.
Pretend for a moment you're chef de cuisine at one of Michael Mina's 22 restaurants and want to add something to the menu. You must first face the "Recipe Exchange."

You conceptualize, execute, and sell the dish as a special for three days. Still like it? Good. Next, you upload a picture of it, the recipe (with measurements in grams), and its financial performance to the Mina Group's internal network, which is already abuzz with more than 32,000 recipes and 3,000 videos.

Then Mina, an Egyptian-born chef who built a culinary empire with partner and once-mulleted tennis legend Andre Agassi, sends his endorsement or changes. You have one week to produce an instructional video that the chef or any of his lieutenants can follow. It's then analyzed, scrutinized, tasted, and tinkered with until Mina and his most trusted advisers give it a nod or the ax.

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Danny Serfer's Mignonette Is Edgewater's Pearl

Categories: Review

Lobster roll at Mignonette
It's 9 p.m. and it's raining in sheets outside Mignonette, a new oyster bar and seafood eatery off NE Second Avenue across from the City of Miami Cemetery. Gentlemen pull their cars onto the sidewalk to let their ladies scurry in (relatively) dry. But there's nevertheless a wait to be seated at this latest venture from Blue Collar owner and executive chef Daniel Serfer and the man behind the food blog Miami Restaurant Power Rankings, Ryan Roman.

Diners yet to be assigned tables stare longingly at the massive marquee behind the raw bar indicating the day's oyster offerings. West Coast options are displayed on the left, East Coast ones on the right.

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Starbucks Has Latin-Inspired Treats: Only in Miami

Categories: Food News

All photos by Laine Doss
Starbucks goes guava!
Starbucks, the world's go-to place for trendy lattes, has come up with a line of totally Miami treats unique to our hometown.

According to a Starbucks spokesperson, this new Latin-inspired sabores tradicionales line of pastries and goodies is available only in South Florida for a limited time as part of the coffee company's fall promotion.

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