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above: Shar-Pei en brochette

Fourteen Passive-Aggressive Appetizers
The New Yorker

Wis. woman accused of placing dead rat in restaurant food, demanding $500,000 in hush money
Associated Press

Disguised Dad Clobbered Trying to Rob Daughter's Restaurant

McDonald's robber is finalist in jingle contest -- for McDonald's
Sun Sentinel

As Price of Grain Rises, Catfish Farms Dry Up
New York Times

Bad News for Latte Lovers from Florida Trend

Starbucks has announced the locations of 59 Florida stores that will close. The coffee company has said it plans to shut down 600 stores nationwide by March 2009. The move to close the stores is a turnabout from Starbucks' aggressive expansion plans. The company curtailed those plans as it saw traffic and its profit decline recently as the faltering economy has led some consumers to question their spending on pricey coffee.

--Gail Shepherd

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