Girl Scout Cookies Hit Streets, Scared of Salmonella?

Categories: Cheap Eats
Cookie junkies across the nation simultaneously erupted in joy and floundered in despair when '09 Girl Scout cookie shipments hit the streets and salmonella peanut butter reports hit the airwaves. But don't despair, according to MSN Health & Fitness:

"The drum roll for recalls of peanut butter products continued without letup, as more companies removed from store shelves everything from cookies to Valentine's Day candies to ice cream.According to reports, Girl Scout cookies that contain peanut butter are not affected by the recall."
Whoosh! Is that a collective sigh of relief or the butt music of your shortbread farts? We don't know, but at least you're free to eat Do-Si-Dos Peanut Butter Sandwiches with reckless abandon and no fear of food poisoning. Phew. Excuse us.

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