Rachael Ray Donates 10 Tons of Dog Food to Miami Charity, Tries to Teach Dogs to Bark, "Yum-O!"

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Celeb chef Rachael Ray's clearly loves animals, as you can see above. If you visit the website for her line of gourmet dog food, the ridiculously titled "Nutrish," you'll find all sort of cute little stories about how Ray's dog Isaboo inspired her to create food for dogs without any of the fillers or junk that's in commercial dog food. As if that wasn't already sweet enough to make you want to prod your eyes out with salad forks, now, Ray is donating 10 tons of food from her Nutrish line to the hungry dogs at Sabbath Memorial Rescue Storage Center on 5933 Ravenswood Road in Miami.

Let me be the first to say that it's a really great thing that Rachael Ray is doing here. I just hope for the dog's sake, you know, that the food in question wasn't made the same way that Ray makes some of her other doggie concoctions, which is to say with ingredients that may be fatal to your dogs.

 Last year, Ray caught some flack for posting a recipe for Isaboo's Butternut Squash Mac and Chedder, a sinfully delicious sounding dish that contains onion, an ingredient widely known to be toxic to dogs. After the recipe was published in her magazine, dog owners cried foul about the contents of the Nutrish-approved meal. But Ray and her cronies didn't budge at all, offering a fairly crappy explaination and mentioning that owners should consult their vets on what they can and cannot feed their dog.

Personally, I think what Rachael Ray is doing by offering a line of dog food she can believe in is a great thing. I cook at home for my dog, and I would never go back to feeding her the crap that comes in those giant, greasy bags in stores. And I'm sure there's absolutely nothing wrong with the Nutrish goods that were donated to the shelter. But you have to wonder if this onion faux paw (ha ha, see I can make up cheesy puns too, Rachael) didn't lead to a back up of Nutrish overstock so large that she essentially HAD to get rid of it somehow. 

In Ray's lengthy introduction to the recipe in question, she notes that Isaboo, her beloved, red-nosed pitbull, is no longer with us. Let's just hope it wasn't because of what Isaboo was fed.  

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