How To Make Use Of Food Waste

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A candy bar gives the impression of existing solely in its fully formed product state, hitting air for the first time when you unwrap it from its plastic home, but it's easy to forget that all food is either grown or fed right from this here Earth, not manufactured.

You can even grow things to eat yourself and use the waste from what you consume to do so more efficiently.

This month the Biscayne Times, owned and operated by former New Times editor Jim Mullin, features an article by Jeff Shimonski, a certified arborist and director of horticulture at Jungle Island, on home composting techniques.

Shimonski uses vermiculture, compost via earthworm, at his own home's vegetable garden. Shimonski writes "I purchased a small vermicomposter and a couple of pounds of earthworms online and got started." Sounds easy right? Vermiculture produces high quality compost from organic materials, even paper and cardboard, though it is unsafe to give your worms "meat and milk products, because of bacterial issues."

The food you throw can help you with the food you grow and those credit card bills can help you make something instead of lose it.

Read Shimonski's article at the Biscayne Times website or visit his website at

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