Behind the Line: BLT Steak Miami Beach at the Betsy Hotel

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Jacob Katel
BLT Steak Miami Beach chef de cuisine Sam Gorenstein, 25, shows Off his meat's marbling.
BLT Steak Miami Beach takes Chef Laurent Tourondel's formula for success and applies it to Dade County. Read Lee Klein's New Times review of the joint here and Victoria Pesce Elliot's Miami Herald review here.

BLT Steak Miami Beach's Chef De Cuisine Sam Gorenstein says "I was born in Colombia and I went to Kropp High School in Miami. I started cooking at a young age, I'm 25 now, at 17 I decided to get serious and went to Johnson & Wales. I dropped out. That's right I'm a drop out. I went to New York and started from the bottom to working at Union Pacific with Laurent Tourondel. I opened a BLT Fish with him up there and worked as a line cook. I came back to Miami and worked at Michael's (Genuine Food & Drink) and then I received the BLT offer."
Jacob Katel
Step on Betsy.
Jacob Katel
Michael Korchmar aka "Cornstarch" - Broiler Cook - This Chef is a Scientist
Broiler cook Michael Korchmar is the man behind the meat, he says "Our job as cooks is just not to ruin it. We're handed some of the best product. If we don't fuck it up it's...What we do here you just can't do at home. The level of char that we get, it's like you know most steaks have that one bite that everything is just perfect, ours, that's every bite, I'm tellin you it's fuckin perfect, you'll see when this is done."
Jacob Katel
Sous Chef Daniel Ganem Works The Pass
Sous Chef Daniel Ganem says "Everything has to be perfect. We're doing the best steaks in Miami & striving to do the best food in Miami."
Jacob Katel
Dennis Pogue does sides and Luis Antezana does sides and fish
Jacob Katel
Teiger Corazon and Jose Gaytan (pictured far back) work Garde Manger
Teiger and Jose say "We prepare cold seafood, salads, beets, tomatoes, lobster, spinach, sauces, sandwiches. All our sauces are important, that's what give it the taste, all sauces gotta be perfect."
Jacob Katel
Catherine Hines - Pastry Cook
Pastry Cook Catherine Hines says "It's fun, somethin I enjoy doin, and the desserts are really good. We make all our own ice cream everyday too....vanilla, chocolate, grapefruit, lychee, pistachio, it changes with the seasons. Johnny Leon is the pastry Chef."
Jacob Katel
Teamwork, Speed, Efficiency of Motion
Server Joshua Upegui says "I always liked kitchens, this my first time working in one. Chef treats you well, you jus gotta do what you gotta do."
Jacob Katel
Sliced With A Razorblade....Ok Not Really

Jacob Katel
40 oz Porterhouse for Two - $85 Served with Garlic and Bone Marrow
Jacob Katel
Looks Like Lobster To Me
Jacob Katel
This What They Mean By Silence Of The Lamb
Jacob Katel
Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus
Jacob Katel
Tuna Tartare, Avocado, Soy Lime Dressing - $16
Jacob Katel
Chicken Liver Pate WIth Toast
Jacob Katel
What's In Your Freezer?
Jacob Katel
Shark - One Who Must Stay Moving To Stay Alive
Jacob Katel
Teiger Corazon Makes A Perfect Sandwich
Jacob Katel
Jacob Katel
Pistachio Ice Cream
Jacob Katel
Dive In
Jacob Katel
Choclify Your Life
Surfin Break On Chocolate Tides
Jacob Katel
Team Chef Gorenstein Wins
Jacob Katel
Happy Customers

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