Burger King and STA Travel UK Launch Burger Pilgrimage World Burger Tour

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Image via burgerking.co.uk

Burger King started in Miami in 1954, and they're still headquartered here at 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive, but the past 55 years have taken the company on a bottom line quest for global domination.

According to BurgerKing.com, the corporation operates more than 11,100 restaurants in 65 countries. Apparently Whoppers are popular around the world, but burger history doesn't start and end with the King.

BK has teamed up with the UK faction of STA travel to present the Burger Pilgrimage Trip. The tour visits "16 cities, in 8 countries and 3 continents" and over 35 days elucidates some of the finer points of burger history via food historian Caroline Yeldham.

The trip visits exotic locales like Novgorod, Russia; Paris, France; Akron, Ohio, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Transportation for the journey costs over $5,000, leaving budget conscious travelers enough money for, well, burgers and fries, and maybe that's the point.


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